1988 Cultivating Spaces – Gravity

1988 Cultivating Spaces – Gravity

1988 Cultivating Spaces – Hotel Accent Furniture / Luxury Hotel Wall Art / Hotel Ceramic Ornaments

Original painting by Giulian Dumitriu, acrylic on canvas

Limited art series of 40 pieces

2022, Bucharest, Romania

Coming from a family of Romanian artists, Giulian Dumitriu has pursued art from early childhood. His art expression was originally sculpture, conveying wood, metal and stone into works that were exposed in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and Toronto. Recently, Giulian has turned his creative energy towards painting, creating a limited series of art pieces for 1988 Cultivating Spaces.


Product Details

L 95 x W 4 x H 105 cm (with frame)

100% cotton canvas

Solid wooden frame


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