Hotel Suppliers interview Zaptec’s Gillian Sheridan about their EV solutions and how they are helping hotels build sustainable infrastructure. 


Could you provide an overview of Zaptec’s role in the hotel industry and its focus on sustainable solutions?

Zaptec’s smart charging solution, the Zaptec Pro, allows hotels to offer their guests the service of on-site EV charging while generating a revenue stream from this. With OCPP 1.6J, the Zaptec Pro works with a wide variety of software solutions that can integrate with our charging systems. They can charge guests for using the charging stations per hour or as part of a package deal. Some hotels also provide free charging to guests as an added perk, which can incentivise longer stays. A hotel with Zaptec EV charging will appeal to a broader consumer base and will enhance the hotel’s brand image. It represents their ethos on sustainability and forward planning for a net-zero future.


How do Zaptec’s EV charging solutions contribute to the overall guest experience in luxury hotels?

The Zaptec Pro is a 22kW EV charger that provides a fast-charging solution for guests. Zaptec Pro EV chargers share the available power between charging stations, and our patented phase rotation utilises all 3 phases to ensure the best balance possible. This allows a more efficient charge if all charge points are being used. The users will benefit from secure network communications via 4G – LTE-M, WIFI or PLC. The Zaptec App is also available for customers to monitor charging sessions while enjoying hotel facilities. The Owner of the hotel can also lock in charging cables to the untethered unit, which provides an opportunity to switch between a tethered and untethered unit – this provides flexibility for the hotel management & ultimately, a better experience for guests, who may have forgotten their charging cable on their trip.


What advantages do Zaptec’s charging solutions offer hotels compared to traditional EV charging options?

The Zaptec Pro has a robust backplate design, which, when installed, allows future proofing of the hotel car park. Our automatic phase rotation and load balancing allow more cars to be charged simultaneously. The Zaptec Pro also has a MID-calibrated meter, making it ready for all legislation and billing requirements. The Zaptec Portal also allows the hotel to manage the chargers remotely.

The Zaptec Pro is a futureproof solution & is ready to be used with (Plug&Charge and V2G) protocol when vehicles allow to do so (ISO 15118  ready) – it will allow for a seamless integration with plug and charge. Zaptec’s patented phase balancing solutions ensures optimal use of all three powered phases. A lot of electric vehicles charge on only one of the phases, but with our system, the load is automatically distributed to all three phases. When several cars are connected the charging effect changes to provide everyone with power.

If you have limited capacity, you can measure your building’s power consumption using the Zaptec Sense device. The charging system then automatically adapts to the building’s power consumption, allowing the hotel to use its current supply without upgrading.


What challenges do hotels typically face when implementing EV charging infrastructure, and how does Zaptec help overcome these challenges?

Hotels can face WIFI issues, which means the charger can go offline. However, the Zaptec Pro can be connected via a PLC module which provides a solid internet connection through an alternative form of a hardwired connection – no additional cabling is required to the charge point(s) other than the power cable to the unit, ideal for hotels in remote areas/underground car parks. Many hotels are situated in coastal locations, which could cause weather damage to some EV chargers. Zaptec EV chargers are manufactured in Norway and built for Nordic conditions. They are IP54-rated, with a robust impact rating of IK10. With a secure cover attachment and 15 years of expected service life, hotels can ensure peace of mind about the quality of the product being installed. The chargers can be wall or post-mounted; having the option to mount on the wall or post will give better options for installation. 


Finally, what message would Zaptec like to convey to hotels that are considering integrating sustainable EV charging solutions into their establishments?

At Zaptec we are a market-leading technology company, focused on producing effective and efficient EV chargers; we value safety and simplicity when it comes to EV charging. At Zaptec we have a network of installers in the UK who are approved by Zaptec and can provide you with a site visit to plan and prepare your site for the ease of EV charging installation. 

Installing Zaptec EV chargers in hotels can lead to increased guest satisfaction, potential revenue generation and alignment with sustainability goals. Start the integration now and future-proof your establishment.