PowerBlocks were first created to solve a problem commonly faced by gyms and fitness facilities everywhere: dumbbells clutter up gym floors and racks of dumbbells take up tons of space. 

While most gym equipment saw improvements and innovation as working out became increasingly popular over the 70s and 80s, a fix for the dumbbell problem was elusive. As attempts were made to build a better dumbbell, the solutions continually fell short because they were too complicated, fragile or impractical in either a commercial or home setting. 

Then, in 1993, PowerBlock introduced a nested weight stack with a handle secured by a U-shaped pin. This patented and trademarked design was the first adjustable dumbbell to hit the market.

With their bold rectangular design and non-traditional look, they challenged the way the world thought about dumbbells. But once users picked up a pair, they noticed how good they felt in hand. These dumbbells offered a new way to achieve all the benefits of a whole rack of dumbbells in a fraction of the space. 

In the nearly 30 years since their introduction, many companies have released variations of the adjustable dumbbell. But because they are durable, compact and easy-to-use, PowerBlock dumbbells remain the first choice in strength training equipment for professional athletes, pro sport facilities, world-class hotel gyms and even Hollywood superheroes

The Edge Serious Athletes are Looking For

Elite competitors, professional athletes and actors whose physique matters all have one thing in common. They want to improve their performance and increase their strength because, at the end of the day, results matter. Whether competing against someone else or themselves, they’re all looking for their edge – and PowerBlock premier dumbbells deliver. 

Serious athletes want to make the most of every minute, every movement, and every moment working out — no matter if they are at home, with their team, or traveling. Wasting time isn’t an option, and convenience is a must. That’s why PowerBlock Dumbbells are designed for fast, easy adjustability. Users can quickly move the amount of weight up and down depending on the exercise they’re doing. This advantage means PowerBlock users spend more time working out instead of tinkering with the cradle or tray like the alternatives require.

PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells facilitate efficient and effective workouts. And as athletes work out, they get stronger. They’re challenged to work harder and with heavier weights to continuously improve performance. PowerBlock is the only adjustable dumbbell on the market that can meet that need, with our Pro Commercial 90 model that can weigh up to 90 lbs (40.8 kgs) per hand. 

A Full-Featured Strength Training Solution

PowerBlock knows that strength training is an essential part of maintaining good health. Knowing how important strength training is, we aim to make it accessible, convenient, and simple.

Whether the user is looking to maintain their good health, cross train to improve their athletic performance, or build on the strength training foundation they’ve already created, PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are designed to adapt to every type of exerciser. Our dumbbells allow users to easily adjust weight between exercises so that they’re always using the weight they need to get the most out of  any workout.

It’s not just dumbbells either. Yes, PowerBlock got our start with adjustable dumbbells, but we have expanded to offer a more comprehensive line of fitness equipment. For example, we also have adjustable kettlebells that mimic the look and feel of a traditional kettlebell, but with much more versatility. The compact contoured shell provides exceptional comfort throughout an entire kettlebell circuit and the magnetic pin allows for simple weight adjustments in seconds. Add multiple kettlebells to your workout facility in just a fraction of the space.

Equipment for Every Strength Training Application

With three dumbbell models, and two adjustable kettlebells to choose from, there is a PowerBlock solution for every strength training need, from individual fitness to expansive weight rooms. 

Take it from New York Giant’s Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Craig Fitzgerald, “The versatility and durability of the PowerBlock make it a must-have tool in any tool box, no matter how streamlined. The PowerBlock customer service and care is beyond ‘all in.’ Wherever we go, Big 10, SEC or NFL, PowerBlock is always with us.”

The following products are offered in the PowerBlock Commercial Series:

Pro 32 Commercial, 4 – 32 lbs (1.8 – 14.5 kgs) per hand

Pro 50 Commercial, 10 – 50 lbs (2.2 – 22.7 kgs) per hand 

Pro 90 Commercial, 5 – 90 lbs (2.2 – 40.8 kgs) per hand

Light Adjustable Kettlebell, 18 – 35 lbs (2.2 – 22.7 kgs)

Heavy Adjustable Kettlebell, 35 – 62 lbs (22.7 – 31.8 kgs)

To learn more about PowerBlock commercial products, fill out the contact form on our Hotel Suppliers profile, call 952-653-2611, or visit powerblock.com/commercial.