The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly, and hotels are starting to feel the impact as customers engage with and drive this change. As more people switch to EVs, hotels that offer EV charging have a competitive advantage.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of EVs for hotels and how partnering with a provider of a public-funded EV charging infrastructure can be a game-changer.

The Growing EV Market: An Opportunity for Hotels

There is rising demand for sustainable practices, and the popularity of EVs is increasing. However, most hotels in the UK have yet to install enough charging facilities to accommodate the growing number of EV drivers. According to ZapMap, the majority of hotels only offer two charge points and three connectors (based on a representative sample size of 10%).

EVs made up more than one in 10 new vehicle registrations  in July 2022, and this number is set to increase as cities, in particular, start to enforce Low Emissions Zones. The installation of EV chargers is an opportunity for hoteliers to capitalise on the growing number of customers driving EVs.

To keep up with the rapidly growing EV market, hotels should consider installing at least one EV charge point for every ten parking spaces. This number is expected to increase to one in five over the next five years as EVs become more commonplace.

Capitalising on EV Charging

There are several benefits for hotels that offer EV charging.  These include:
·       Attracting new guests – EV drivers actively seek hotels that provide EV charging facilities
·       Increasing footfall – drivers can stop for a meal or coffee while their car is charging
·       Generating additional revenue
·       Improving customer service
·       Increasing brand awareness by positioning your hotel as an environmentally friendly business
·       Reducing your carbon footprint.

What is the Best EV Charging Solution for my Business?

Hotels have several options for offering EV charging. One option is to install their own chargers, but this can be a costly and time-consuming process. Another option is to partner with a company that specialises in EV charging and has a public-funded EV charging infrastructure. This can be a more cost-effective and efficient solution, providing hotels with access to a wider range of charging solutions and support.

Benefits of a Public-Funded EV Charging Infrastructure

Unlocking Revenue Opportunities and Clean Energy

Partnering with a provider who offers a public-funded EV charging infrastructure, like ScottishPower, allows hotels to monetise their green journey. As well as the benefits stated above:
✓ It may help contribute to net zero goals
✓ There is no upfront investment required
✓ An agreed revenue share creates a new income stream for your business from the first use of the charger
✓ You don’t need to budget for maintenance or upgrades
✓ The chargers are fully account managed for you so there are no administration costs or customer service impacts
✓ Competitive charge rates are payable via app or contactless card payments
✓ There are co-branding opportunities
✓ The chargers are backed by 100% renewable energy.

Driving Sustainability Energy Plans through Strategic Partnerships

By partnering with a provider, hotels can develop a comprehensive sustainability plan that aligns with their unique decarbonisation goals. This may include:
✓  Evaluating energy consumption patterns, recommending EV charging solutions, and creating tailored strategies
✓  Enhancing brand image by positioning hotels as environmentally friendly businesses
✓  Enabling hotels to meet customers’ demands for sustainable options
✓  Offering effective solutions so hotels don’t have to develop the expertise in-house.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Value

In today’s competitive market, customer loyalty is paramount. By offering EV charging as an added value, hotels can enhance their customer and guest loyalty. Offering a broad range of EV charging speeds, from fast chargers to overnight options, allows hotels to cater to various customers’ EV charging needs.

Tailored Solutions for Hotels

Partnering with an expert provider can give hotels a range of exclusive benefits and convenience for both them and their guests. This may include:
✓  Booking functionality to give comfort of charger availability
✓  Giving guests peace of mind that their car will be charged for their sightseeing or business needs, and their return journey home
✓  A hassle-free experience for both the hotel and their guests
✓  Access to a 24/7 customer service helpline
✓  Co-branding opportunities on the chargers.

ScottishPower’s Public-Funded EV Offering

If you’re considering installing EV chargers in your business, it’s important to choose the right approach and provider. If you don’t have the in-house expertise or resources to manage the process and maintenance, then outsourcing to a public-funded EV charger provider may be your best option.

ScottishPower offer a range of solutions to meet the EV charging needs of your business, with funding available for public chargers for customer, employee and public use where there is high footfall and expected utilization.  Our range of workplace chargers also allows hotels to find a solution to match their budget for less publicly accessible areas.

Our infrastructure enables you to cater to the growing demand for EV charging, enhance customer loyalty, and provide a convenient, seamless experience for your guests. It also means you can create an additional revenue stream and improve your green credentials.

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If you are a hotelier and want to unlock the full potential of your hotel, we encourage you to consider offering EV charging. It’s beneficial for both your hotel and your guests.

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