Building and Construction Review is proud to announce that The Poured Project has received our Commitment to Excellence Award.
Established in 2018 by husband and wife business duo Claire and Andy Pedley, The Poured Project offers stunning, seamlessly finished concrete solutions for wickedly stylish interiors and exteriors. Andy’s background in restoration and bespoke design gives him notable knowledge on the complexities of producing designs that exceed the realms of expectation. With a small team well versed in the intricacies of concrete production, The Poured Project offers standard and bespoke solutions that fit the needs of the customer down to the last nail.




The company produces its designs from its studio facility in Yorkshire from which deliveries can be made or arranged to almost anywhere
nationally. The flexibility with which The Poured Project can meet designs and requirements is symptomatic of the skill necessary to produce a range of products as effortlessly beautiful as its own. The possibilities that come with bespoke design are endless, a rule that applies
particularly to a company as customer focused as The Poured Project.





Co-founder Claire Pedley told us that the company “enjoys bespoke, the more complex the better”. Seldom will you find a company with an attitude as accommodating as this, The Poured Project doesn’t simply offer bespoke solutions, it thrives on it. The kind of passion and excitement that the company pours into its creations is the kind you would hope to see from any company offering bespoke solutions. However, many fall short. The process that The Poured Project adheres to upon manufacturing its designs is highly unique. Every stage of the company’s production process is carried out by hand, including all of its wooden moulds, which are carefully carved with the kind of delicate expertise that can be expected coming only from those with years of experience. Each basin is mixed before being poured by hand and the spinning machine is a cement mixer, it’s shaped by the hand made moulds. After which it is cured and treated (if necessary) before being installed with outstanding professionalism and efficiency.


All the materials used in the construction of The Poured Project’s products are locally sourced, and added with reliably effective additives
which enhance durability. The high-density concrete that The Poured Project uses is of the highest quality and is created in the company’s
busy workshop. The concrete is naturally water resistant and has been produced in such a way as to withstand extreme temperatures. Having
the ability to be poured and cured at a depth of less than 10mm renders the design process unchallengeable in its versatility and presents The Poured Project with the opportunity to create a multiplicity of concrete shapes and forms.




The company’s broad spectrum of pigments allows the customer to be as artistic as they feel they want or need to be when it comes to their colourpalette. With a standard range of 14 colours it’s unlikely the company won’t have something to suit the customer’s needs, however if there is a particular colour a customer desires The Poured Project’s range of pigments and skilled artistic prowess can undoubtedly find the customer the solution they need.

Currently, The Poured Project offers eight products: kitchen sink cube, kitchen sink box, ark basin, round basin, rectangle basin, mini cube basin, mini rectangle basin and duplex basin. Despite all of these designs being elegant in shape and in colour, notable favourites among customers are the mini cube, mini rectangle and ark basin models. The ark basin in particular is incontrovertibly eye catching. The oval shaped basin offers a striking aesthetic scarcely found among companies that offer similar products. Coming in a host of colours and with a lead time of four weeks, the basin is a must have for those wanting their homes to shout sophistication.


By the end of the year The Poured Project aims to introduce to its product line a concrete bath. Currently there is no UK manufacturer of
interior concrete solutions that creates baths; subsequently the majority of concrete baths used in the UK are shipped from Europe or
America. This kind of forward thinking will inevitably add to the gleaming reputation that The Poured Project has already garnered and
maintained. The Poured Project currently works with seven major retailers and hopes to extend this to 10 over the next 12 months.


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Being family run and hailing from the heart of Northern England, The Poured Project is built on a rigid set of values. Those values help drive
the business and contribute to the company ensuring that customers are never left feeling anything short of satisfied. If you’re looking
to inject a little style and modernity into your home then look no further, The Poured Project has exactly what you’re looking for. For more
details on The Poured Project visit its website or get in touch via the details below.

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