Solo is a simple yet revolutionary shower system that combines a safety grab bar with a shower column. There are lots of different models and designs that meet any tastes and requirements. SOLO helps to create a shower area that is inclusive, modern, functional and non institutional looking. It is suitable for any decorative style and environment in healthcare, residential or hospitality bathrooms, making them safe without it being noticeable. The grab bar of the shower is made of stainless steel and supports 200 kilograms of traction and features an innovative water channelling system that is built in, delivering water to either hand shower or the shower head. The body of the bar it is safe to touch as it is always cold. Coming with a built in water diverter, SOLO works even if the bottom or top entry points which both correspond with the fixing flanges (double water inlet system – DWI SYSTEM). This guarantees quick and easy installation in both existing and new bathrooms. Hotel News