When projecting a hotel, we should consider who we will host: businessmen don’t have the same characteristics of families and so young, elderly or disabled people. So, we have to create an inclusive set, which could be accessible to everyone.

If we pay attention to safety, guests would have a better experience of their stay. The bathroom is obviously one of the areas in which we need to focus more: we need to make it a comfortable and safe zone respecting at the same time the design and the style. Ponte Giulio has created a clever solution for this necessity: a removable folding grab bar.

Made in stainless steel and Abs, this bar has a load capacity of 150kgs and could be removed and moved from room to room according to the needs: the bar is in fact attached to a semi-plate installed to the wall and could be easily removed from the anchorage without the use of special tools and moved to another room in which this system is installed. If not used, the fixing system could be protected with an elegant and colorful ABS casing, which gives the bathroom a minimal and elegant atmosphere.

Discover more about this product: https://bit.ly/3uNvEVb

Hug is a collection developed by Ponte Giulio for a stylish and inclusive bathroom. Characterized by minimalism and modularity, its ambition is to merge safety and inclusivity with design and style concepts.

Discover more about Hug collection: https://bit.ly/3uQ8Q78

Ponte Giulio is a small but dynamic Italian company focused on the creation of solutions for safe and accessible bathroom for every kind of set and needs.

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