Ponte Giulio have been providing comfortable and safe solutions for bathrooms for decades, pioneering the use of anti-microbial BioCote technology to greatly reduce the levels of mould, viruses and bacteria up to 99.9% on their shower seats, grab bars and accessories’ surface. Today more than ever, microbe-free hygienic surfaces are extremely important to protect the health of customers and users. Their anti-microbial products provide an effective defence, protecting care-givers and users from infections and cross-contamination, whilst providing a cleaner environment for both users and standard cleaning routines. The shower seats, grab bars and other accessories will live, last and perform longer because of the 24/7 action from the anti-microbial technology. Anti-microbial grab bars in comparison to stainless steel ones: The BioCote protected, anti-microbial grab bars incorporate the always active and effective silver-ion technology that provides 24/7 microbial and bacterial reduction up to 99.9% which compliments cleaning routines. The technology does not wash away or wear-off, staying with the products lifetime and providing a proven safe barrier against moulds and bacteria. In comparison, stainless steel has a surface free of pores and compact, which is relatively easy to clean. Proper, constant and deep cleaning routines can help in bacteria reduction, however especially in a high-traffic environment, this is not always the case. Thus when it comes to bacteria free surfaces it is impossible to rely on cleaning, especially on products that are widely used and have many people constantly and repeatedly touching, meaning the risk of cross contamination is very high. BioCote actively reduces the number of microbes on a particular surface by 86% in just fifteen minutes, 99.5% in two hours and from then on to 99.9%. Once the BioCote silver-ion based technology is incorporated into a product, the risk of cross contamination is actively reduced by the prevention of the colonisation on microbes on a protected surface. The reason this happens is the silver-ions that are incorporated into the products at manufacture bind with the bacteria and damage it, disrupting the bacterias normal function, meaning the bacteria are unable top reproduce so they die. BioCote adds an extra layer of protection, and actively compliments existing hygiene practices, for instance thorough product cleaning regimes and hand hygiene. Bacteria such as Esherichia-coli and MRSA can survive on hard surfaces for up to months, meaning there is an extremely high risk of cross contamination. BioCote is effective against an extremely wide range of microbes, such as: Aspergillus Niger, Salmonella, Legionella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, H1N1 virus, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Shigella and Campylobacter.
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