ClimatePartner has proudly partnered with Picnic Time Family of Brands to quantify and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their Tarana Backpack Cooler.

Picnic Time’s main mission is to create functional, quality products designed to help people make lasting memories with friends and family. With the goal of bringing sustainably sourced and produced gear to people who love spending time outdoors, Picnic Time created an internal task force called the “Green Beans” in 2022, in an effort to be proactive and transparent in climate action, now and in the future.

The Tarana Backpack Cooler was designed sustainably, with an rPET shell made from 14 recycled water bottles per bag. Picnic Time saw the value of taking these efforts a step further and underwent ClimatePartner’s comprehensive product carbon footprint calculation process, assessing its entire production process to measure its impact on the planet.

ClimatePartner helped Picnic Time create an emissions reduction plan, along with identifying opportunities for change and improvement in its existing sustainability initiatives. As part of this climate action strategy, Picnic Time is now supporting a combined ocean protection and climate project, where for every ton of carbon that is saved through the climate project, 10 kilograms of plastic is collected from coastal regions. This ocean protection project empowers ethical recycling practices within communities located in vulnerable coastal areas and follows ClimatePartner’s stringent international standards, which include independent auditing. In addition to providing environmental benefits, this project supports substantial social impact in its community as part of the United Nations Climate Change Global Climate Action program. Community members exchange gathered plastics at local collection branches, which provides them with secure income and benefits such as life insurance and meal vouchers.

Along with measuring its emissions and financing climate projects, Picnic Time already has numerous reduction measures in place to minimize its environmental impact. These measures include the use of 100% green electricity in its production process and utilizing low-emission modes of transport, 90% of the time. Picnic Time Family of Brands will also set reduction targets in 2024 to continue to increase its impact in the future.

“Getting people outside and enjoying the great outdoors is core to who we are here at Picnic Time. If we’re not doing our part to help nurture and maintain Mother Earth, then we are working against our purpose. We’re overjoyed to be able to provide people with products that not only encourage them to get outside but also to do their part in helping reduce our human footprint. ClimatePartner shares our vision, and we are so glad that this partnership can help broaden our collective goal of sustainability.” – Paul Cosaro