24 May 2023, London. New Look. Advanced client experience. Same reliability and efficiency. In continued effort to provide exceptional financial services, PayAlly launches the latest version of their web-based portal and mobile app.


Mobile App

The PayAlly app, available for iOS and Android devices and ca be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, will allow their clients to manage finances on-the-go, make secure payments, check multicurrency account balances, and receive card payment authorisations and notifications anytime, anywhere.

This will allow their clients to quickly top-up their debit card and easily make payments. Notifications about transactions made are instant, ensuring that clients are promptly aware of every single card usage and take immediate action in the event of any unauthoriseds use. It includes enhanced security features, such as 3D SEC authentication with biometric identity check and a new 2FA method to access and sign important operations on the web portal. These features ensure that client transactions and personal information are kept safe and secure whilst providing faster and more reliable access to their account.


Web Portal

PayAlly’s account holders will see a refreshed new interface for the commonly-used sections of the portal, such as the Dashboard, Outgoing Payment Wizard, Real-Time Currency Exchange, Drafts, Statements, Signed Messages and Fees and Limits. Existing users need not relearn how to use the portal since the core navigation is retained. The portal’s technical structure is unchanged, with only the styling and general look and feel updated. 

Clients will be pleased to know that a new section for organising beneficiaries has been added making it very easy to add, remove and manage. Existing clients can log-in to the portal here. To open a PayAlly account, apply here.


Committed to Delivery Exceptional Financial Services

At a recently concluded client satisfaction survey where PayAlly attained a Net Promoter Score of 94%,  91% of PayAlly clients already found the portal to be ‘very user-friendly.’ “Although the rating was acceptable, we heeded the suggestions of the few who though we can still improve their experience,” Head of Client Relationship Olga Andzejevska comments. “Together with our product and technology teams, this version of our web portal now have a fresh visual layout of the user-interface, with strong focus on clarity of information and ease of use.”


Constantly Evolving to Meet Clients’ Financial Management Needs

PayAlly is committed to providing a reliable and user-friendly portal and app that allows clients to  manage their finances. Their applications will be in constant development, and they will continue working to improve it. PayAlly understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest technology and security standards, and we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge platform that meets their clients’ needs. As they evolve and grow, PayAlly is excited to add new features and enhancements that will make managing global finances even more seamless and convenient.