While this question often comes up, there are simple ways to answer it! Do you have a need for a COLOR & DESIGN CONSULT? 

Falling in love with the art is the first part. Now let’s chat about where you’d like to hang one of my paintings for your boutique hotel project! 

Dorothy Fagan has helped clients from Florida to California, and selected the right painting for their space. From an apartment in Manhattan to a desert home outside LA or a high-rise condo on Pensacola Beach, working remotely to ensure each painting fits the space and is impeccably framed and installed, her design team and I get it done. 

Get your color package or design your own!

How To Work With us? 

Dorothy Fagan Fine Arts will assist you in any of your art needs for your hotel. Dorothy Fagan and her team of curators and collaborators work together to create a unique creative vision for your hotel lobby, guest suites, spa and restaurant. 

Reach out at [email protected] and we will prepare quotes, samples, and ideas tailored to your demands. Our team will offer a couple available times we can chat on zoom or FaceTime. Send a picture or draft of the project for maximization of our expertise. WE look forward to helping you find your perfect paintings!

We also invite you to apply for a trade account if you are a design professional, retailer, art advisor, home stager, architect, set decorator, developer, restaurateur,

hotelier, or curator. We will accommodate you quickly and seamlessly, and are available to answer questions. Let us know your needs. 

About the Artist: 

A Joyful Expressionist, Dorothy Fagan is a cutting edge designer, painter, healing artist, and colorist whose mission is to bring joy to the world, activating the body’s chakras with color. Fagan’s painting process parallels the transformation occurring in her body. The titles provide clues, helping propel the artist’s journey. “I am often asked, ‘how do I know when a painting is finished?’ 

She creates large scale oil paintings & fiber art. Working collaboratively with consultants and designers, her team designs site-specific works and also makes an extensive catalog of wall art available to the trade. Fagan’s works are installed in France, Italy and in the U.S. in Boston, New York City, Riverside and more. 

Fagan’s painting process is intuitive; it explores color relationships through space and light created from within. She converses with the colors through a healing process, fueled by vitality and vibrancy. Her works vary from richly textured

Our Business Story 

Dorothy Fagan Fine Arts is a Visual Art business, founded by American artist Dorothy Fagan. Based in Virginia, French curator Clea Massiani, and Bolivian-American marketing developer Jarman Fagalde execute a shared artistic vision of uplifting people through color, light, and harmony. Contact us for upcoming events! 

Contact information: 

Dorothy Fagan Fine Arts 

[email protected]