Onity products and systems have served as a reliable lock management solution in hospitality for decades. With technology preferences rapidly changing and expectations running high, it is essential to ensure hotel access control that meets industry standards, while delivering guest satisfaction.

Continuing with the company’s ongoing effort to deliver solutions based on the latest technology available, today Onity offers OnPortal™, an advanced lock management software which combines innovative technology and dependable service with years of experience.

Built on research and feedback from front-desk agents on their routines and challenges, OnPortal, a scalable solution with roving check-in option, is designed to deliver optimal efficiency, flexibility and guest satisfaction.

Update and upgrade to Onity’s OnPortal front desk solution and enjoy its benefits today!
Fast check-in – compact encoder writes keycards in a snap
Great performance – easy to set up, use, and maintain
Flexible – use it on your existing front desk PC alongside your PMS
Saves space – no bulky hardware
DirectKey™-ready for mobile access now or in the future
Windows®-based software – installs easily on existing Windows 10 workstations, tablets or per individual brand deployment standards

Refresh your Onity locks too, upgrade them to RFID technology!

It is quick, easy and clean, immerse your guests in the latest hotel technology and give your locks a second life!

For properties already using Onity locks, contactless access can be achieved through an upgrade instead of a full lock replacement. Other properties can also have upgrade options with various trim solutions.

For a full and seamless guest experience, properties may also wish to enable mobile access when upgrading door locks, public doors, and even parking systems and elevators. The Onity DirectKey system can be retrofitted into existing Onity locks, saving deployment costs and time.

Benefits of upgrading with Onity:

  • No door drilling, same door footprint
  • Maintains fire certification
  • Cost-effective, low installation cost and existing lock parts reused
  • Quick & easy
  • No noise, no dust, no guest disturbance
  • Smooth process, no downtime for the hotel
  • Enhanced aesthetics, sleek fresh design