We take roasting seriously, and our roasters have the process down to a science, and an art! We roast our beans by variety, with their own unique roasting profile, including temperature, time and process-to bring out each bean’s unique flavor. We let our eyes, ears, noses and taste buds tell us when-no computers here! Our approach requires more time and care than uniform roasting, and results in the best tasting coffee.

Once the beans arrive to us from our sourcing partners, we roast, grind and package in a timely manner. So timely, that often our roasts are still warm and rich in coffee oils when we package them. Our goal always, is for the coffee your guests drink to be the freshest it can possibly be.

From Certified BPI Compostable coffee pods to whole bean and ground coffee, non-flavored dark roasts like Jet Fuel or lightly flavored roasts like Madalyn’s Backyard Pecan, we’ve got options for you and your guests to “Savor Your Independence!” anywhere in your hotel!

Visit www.independencecoffee.com for in-room, hotel lobby, and hotel restaurant options!