In a move that promises to revolutionize bedroom lighting, Octavium, a leading manufacturer of / distributor of comfort-enhancing products for the hotel room, has unveiled its latest creation: state-of-the-art bed lights equipped with built-in USB ports for smartphone charging as well as wireless charging capability.

Octavium’s new bed lights have been designed with both style and functionality in mind, offering hotel guests a sleek and convenient solution to meet their needs. These innovative lights, available in a range of elegant designs and finishes, seamlessly blend aesthetics with technology.

The inclusion of a USB port in the bed light allows users to charge their smartphones, tablets, or other devices directly from their bedside, eliminating the need for unsightly charging cables and adapters. This feature not only keeps the guests’ devices within arm’s reach but also ensures they are ready to go when they are.

What sets Octavium’s bed lights apart is their wireless charging capability. Most lights come with an integrated wireless charging pad, compatible with a wide range of Qi-enabled devices. Users can simply place their smartphones on the designated spot, and the device will start charging wirelessly, all while casting a warm and ambient glow in the room when desired.

“Octavium believes in enhancing the daily lives of hotel guests through elegant design and innovative technology,” said Thomas Berger, CEO of Octavium. “Our new bed lights reflect our commitment to providing products that seamlessly integrate into modern hotel rooms while offering practical solutions for the digital age.”

The Octavium bed lights are not only a functional addition to any bedroom but also an aesthetic one. Their contemporary designs cater to a variety of interior styles, making them a versatile choice for discerning consumers.

With the introduction of these cutting-edge bed lights, Octavium is once again at the forefront of hotel room innovation, transforming these rooms into tech-savvy sanctuaries of comfort and style. Octavium’s new bed lights with USB ports and wireless charging are now available for purchase online, promising to redefine the way we experience our bedrooms.

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Smartphone Chargers 

Different brands of smartphones and tablets use different chargers. Today’s smartphones (and tablets) are equipped with the new standard in charging: Qi. Our Qi chargers have a neutral design and are mounted easily in a desk or a (bedside) table. We also offer chargers that are completely out of sight and are mounted under a (maximum 2cm) surface. All our chargers charge the smartphone or tablet quickly, are robust and use very little energy.


Smart Bedlight

The Smart Bed Light is a dimmable warm LED that can be placed on either side under the bed and is operated by the main power. The motion sensor automatically switches on the light guiding your guest safely throughout the room.


Customized Bathroom Mirrors

Whether you want lighting (direct or indirect), a make-up mirror, integrated heating and audio, or to display your logo on the mirror…anything is possible. And the price? The Mirrors come directly from the Dutch manufacturer allowing us to pass the savings onto you.


Innovative Bed Light

Our modern bed lights turn the hotel room into a convenient and state-of-the-art guest room. They combine a reading light with an ambiance light. All our bed lights come with a USB port to charge the guest’s phone. Most of them also have an integrated Qi charger to charge the phone wirelessly.


Quality Hair Dryers 

A clean, comfortable hotel room is an absolute must. A good hair dryer cannot be missed here. Octavium supplies Starmix hair dryers that not only look good, but work effeciently. Starmix is ​​a German quality brand that has been around for over a hundred years.


In-Room Audio

Offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy their own music wirelessly. Provide a playlist that is alinged with your accomodation’s atmosphere. Minimise risk of nuisance. Octavium’s hotel room audio products have been developed especially for hotels and have a customized Bluetooth name, PIN code and come with a volume ceiling. Invisible audio is also available.