Dive into Nicky Myny‘s latest series; a minimalistic approach that adapts to any situation and brings harmony to every room.
In this new series, we take a look at the essentials by narrowing down the pictoric elements and the color combinations, distilling a sense of peaceful yet empowering energy. Gesture becomes the main character on the scene, and dances around the canvas in drips of ceaseless lines of paint.
Bring original paintings to your guests by getting in touch with us. Discover our site specific approach where we will create unique artwork just for you.
Nicky Myny is a Belgian artist based in South Africa, and runs a small business atelier in her homeland that works for clients that believe in quality and originality. Nicky’s work has been exhibited widely in her home city of Belgium with additional shows in Davos, Switzerland. Her work is underpinned by a deep seated belief that we can create change through creativity and collaboration.