At Nicky Myny Art we look into every detail so you can welcome your guests with the best impression, because they deserve nothing less.

Nicky Myny Art Nicky Myny’s new creations are a good example of the versatility of her work. With the potential to adapt to any situation, her latest paintings discharge an emotional response from the South African influence that surrounds her.

“I am an artist that loves to play with color and create pieces that are expressive and joyful. I let my process become who I am, so my work can grow with me. The more I explore, the more parallels I see between the world and the act of painting. My paintings are bold and colourful on canvas or panel made with acrylics, paper and markers. My process is complex and that it’s intertwined with living, working and playing​”.


She’s fascinated by the potential of the unknown and is driven by emotion. She believes that every experience shapes us. Withour own brave intervention we can reshape our lives giving them more meaning, more color, more joy, …

Our goal is to provide you with unique and original artwork for any space, room or moment. That is why our team of professionals are looking forward to getting in touch with you and hearing about your interests and ideas. We are here to guide and help you during the process of choosing how to best decorate your enterprise.

It is about that one moment in life that makes a difference.
Because you only get one chance to make that first impression.