Nicky Myny’s art reflects her vibrant personality—bold, colourful, and brimming with joy.

Featured Artist Nicky Myny discovered the power of art while healing from a medical illness. Fueled by gratitude for life and an unwavering dedication to helping others thrive, Nicky infuses her creative voice into leadership development and healthcare projects worldwide.

She even founded Artkom, a process art studio in Belgium, to spread the transformative power of art throughout communities.

Her large-scale, vivid, and expressive paintings are a vibrant reflection of the experiences and connections that shape her life.

By delving into repetitive processes, Myny “bridges the gap between what is known and what is felt”, creating a captivating narrative that brings beauty and joy to everyday moments.

Her work goes beyond the canvas, transcending the boundaries of traditional art. Nicky is a strong advocate for the intersection of art and healthcare, believing that art is a powerful form of medicine.

Informed by research on integrated leadership, good health, and well-being, she strives to be a voice for those often overlooked in healthcare systems.

Her art aims not only to heal but also to expand cultural imagination and foster meaningful connections within communities.

Artwork Archive had the chance to chat with Nicky Myny about her healing journey, healthcare/leadership initiatives, and how Artwork Archive helps her manage her art business.

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