Hotel Suppliers reporter, Manon Martini, Interviews Nicky Myny Art about her latest series of artworks for luxury hotels.


What was the inspiration behind your latest series?

“The inspiration behind my latest series comes from a personal story that I experienced when I moved to South Africa and had to start my painting studio from scratch.

While finding myself with some leftover wall painting in my hands and a few blank canvases, I couldn’t help but let them swirl around the canvas. I felt very vulnerable at the time, not knowing where life would lead me in this new chapter. But at the same time, I felt free, liberated, as if I could do whatever I wanted and start all over again.

In the given circumstances I was challenged to take a minimalistic approach and focus on the essentials by narrowing down the pictoric elements and color combinations. I wanted to distill a sense of peaceful yet empowering energy in my work. This piece symbolizes freedom and vulnerability for me, and serves as a reminder that we always have the power to be brave and give our lives a new form or color.”


You normally opt for very bright, varied colours why the turn toward black and white?

“While I do love bright and varied colors, for this series I wanted to experiment with a limited color palette. It forces me to be more creative and thoughtful about my color choices, and I think it makes the final piece more cohesive.”


The Kiss and Seated Woman look almost like negative reflections of one another- there are lots of similarities yet lots of stark differences- how do these two paintings speak to each other?

“The Kiss and Seated Woman are both paintings that explore vulnerability and intimacy, but in different ways. The Kiss is a more passionate expression of love, while Seated Woman is a more introspective and contemplative piece. They speak to each other by exploring different facets of human connections and how delicate they can be.”


Speak to me about your creative process for this series.

“My creative process for this series involves a lot of experimentation and exploration. I start with a basic idea or concept, and then I allow myself to play and experiment with different materials and techniques until something starts to emerge. Once I have a general direction, I refine and hone the piece until it feels complete.”


This series seems to feature a lot more frailer, thinner lines as opposed to your signature bold, sweeping brush strokes across the canvas. What does this turn to intricacy or fragility distil for you?

“I wanted to explore new ideas and emotions through my art by departing from my usual bold brush strokes and using thinner lines and a more fragile approach to capturing the vulnerability and liberation, which is what I felt when starting my painting studio in South Africa.”

“The turn to intricacy and fragility in this series is meant to symbolize the vulnerability that comes with starting anew. By using thinner lines and more delicate gestures, I am expressing a sense of openness and willingness to embrace the unknown. It’s a reminder that even though life can be fragile, it’s also incredibly beautiful and worth cherishing.”


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