Join the Pipe designs reusable water bottles with a unique design for each hotel as a way to promote their business and to cut down on all single-use bottles used daily in hotels. A Radisson Rewards bottle has been designed and offered to each new member of their loyalty program. A tap station has also been placed at the entrance of the Radisson Amsterdam to encourage the guests to refill their bottle every time they leave the hotel to visit the city. Now available already in the Nordic countries, the bottles and refill stations will be further developed across their whole network once the current situation will allow people to travel again. The Hilton Amsterdam is also equipped of a water fountain in their lobby to tackle plastic waste together with Join the Pipe. They offer reusable bottles pre-filled with purified water in their luxury rooms as an alternative to single-use plastic bottles. They also sell the bottles in the lobby for the other guests with a note mentioning that the refill is free at the entrance. More hotels have decided to add their logo on the back of their City bottle such as Sheraton Düsseldorf, Sheraton Amsterdam, the Middle Eight in London among others. What about your hotel? What measures have you taken to fight single-use plastic? Hotel News