McKinney, Texas (Sept. 1, 2023) – iOpen Innovations today recognizes National Hotel Employee Day.

“We can’t thank the hotel employees enough for their kindness. Two hotels that I’ve recently visited come to mind; Resorts World in Las Vegas and the Fairlane in Nashville. Simply great hotels. I felt valued as a guest, and the attention to detail exhibited by their teams elevated my stay to a whole new level. That’s why we’ve designed TruAssist – a “call for help” safety button and app. With tech like this, we hope to provide a safer environment for all team members.” said CEO, Don Bahlman, CEO and Co-Founder of iOpen Innovations. “We are convinced, that where you have visibility and awareness, you create a stronger team. And that directly feeds back to the bottom line.

”The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and National Day Calendar established National Hotel Employee Day in 2022 to honor the nearly two million employees who work in the hotel industry. It is observed annually on September 1. This year, National Hotel Employee Day comes as hotels across the nation are working to quickly fill nearly 100,000 open hotel jobs. To attract more talent, hotels are offering current and prospective employees near-historic wages, better benefits, and more flexibility than ever before.

“Employees are the lifeblood of every hotel, and we created National Hotel Employee Day to help thank America’s nearly two million hotel professionals for their incredible service and dedication,” said AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers. “Today and throughout the year, we are proud to celebrate hotel employees and their important work. From wedding receptions to family reunions and vacations, our workforce helps create some of Americans’ most important memories. And with hotel pay, benefits, flexibility, and upward mobility all at near-historic levels, there’s never been a better time to start a hotel career.

”To learn about hotel career opportunities and search for jobs, visit thehotelindustry.com
To learn more about National Hotel Employee Day, visit ahla.com/day