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MyKinema®’s Ergonomic Office Chair Promotes Active Physical Behaviour with its Standing Aid Function!


MyKinema® have a chair that promotes active physical movement – something not a lot of chairs do! When working in an office environment roughly 85% of time is spent sat at a desk in a static posture, which is really bad for posture and the spine. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Federal Institution in Germany, an office worker spends an average time of. 80,000 hours sat down in their life! The link between sitting down for extended periods of time and illness in the UK first emerged in the 1950s, when some researchers found that double decker bus conductors were half as likely to have heart attacks as their bus driver counterparts, who were double as likely. The conductors climbed around 600 stairs a day, whereas the drivers sat for 90% of their shift.

A study done by the German Sport University Cologne’s Centre for Health proved that the standing seat is the best complement to the normal sat down position as the change in posture ensures relief and strain of the muscle groups to be more balanced. Active movements of limbs are caused by the muscles working in tandem with one another, alternating between relaxing and tensing related muscle groups, which gets the blood flowing, the joints moving and is just all together better for the body than being sat in a static position for hours on end.

The MyKinema® active chair is a normal office swivel chair with a stand up function, and can be used individually for sitting, standing up and supporting tables with adjustments that can be made to the height. These mechanical properties allow a more dynamic interaction between the chair and a height adjustable desk. This amount of changes that can be made to the MyKinema® active chair allows many variations of sitting, standing and supporting, offering unrestricted changes of posture, pelvic straightening and pelvic tilt, and continuously, the relaxation and tensioning of the extensor and flexor muscles even in support and upright standing positions. This range of different movement in work-friendly positions was previously only attainable using several different ergonomic products for just one workstation.

For over 10 years, Stefan Zoell, the designer of the MyKinema® active chair, has been working with the concept of seating. The result is the MyKinema® active chair, combining analysis and research of the designer with modern office ergonomics. Together with the mastermind behind the patented chair mechanism, Ralf Julius, MyKinema® are always working on new chair design concepts. After bringing the MyKinema® active chair succesfully to market maturity, and it being awarded the German Design Award 2019, their focus is now set upon a new product with general standardisation.

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