Talk to me about how and when the business was founded. 

The business was founded in July 2019.  Working as a hair stylist and salon owner, I found many of the products I used were harsh and irritated my skin.  I was also very frustrated with how much throw away plastic the salon was generating.  I knew that only about 13% of plastic ever gets recycled and I wanted to know if there was an alternative.  I joined together with my daughter Olivia to create more gentle products in glass containers (100% endlessly recyclable) and before long the whole family had joined the Moo & Yoo team.  We began by supplying other salons before retailers soon got in touch as they wanted to expand the market for sustainable hair and body products.  As soon as covid ended and the hospitality industry opened up we began to be approached by hotels who were also frustrated with the small throw away plastic approach and loved that we offered glass containers and refill options.

What was the inspiration/concept behind the company? 

As a family, we have always been mindful of our impact on the planet and we try to be as sustainable as possible. Our aim was to create a company that could bring high performance luxury sustainable hair and beauty to everyone. We want to encourage everyone to make more conscious decisions when it comes to consumer habits, especially when it comes to plastic consumption.  We are a family business who care deeply about the planet and therefore we will only partner with suppliers who share our values.  Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free and our ingredients are sourced from renewable sources.

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

Our products are luxury yet super sustainable.  The glass packaging is fairly unique, especially for the hotel market which is now understanding that throw away ‘one time use’ plastic is a thing of the past.  The modern guest expects their hotel to have sustainability at the heart of their business and this is so visible in the bathroom.  Our products have been created for the salon and spa market and a high level of performance is balanced with our ethical commitment.

How has the company grown since its launch? 

The company has grown and expanded hugely since its launch.  We started as a salon and spa brand and covid hit just 6 months later propelling us to be predominantly an online retailer.  Not long after that we were being stocked in some fantastic online stores like ‘Plastic freedom’.  Since then we have continued to build our relationships with salons and spas and expanded into physical retailers.  Towards the end of last year, after developing our refill options, we began to work with hotels, guest houses and holiday accommodation.

Ethical Hotel Bathroom Products

What would you say has been one of your proudest moments for the company thus far?

There have been many and we still get so excited when we launch in a new retailer or a hotel.  One of the proudest moments has to be when we were taken on by Harrods in their newly launched beauty store in Edinburgh.  To go and see our products on the shelves of one of the world’s most iconic stores was a very special moment for us.  Other ‘pinch me’ moments are when we have been featured in the likes of Vogue, Forbes & Harpers Bazaar.  The best thing about our business is that we know there are many more moments still to come.