Let’s dive right in. How and where did it all start for Moduleo?

Cindy: “Well, in 2022 we celebrated our tenth birthday, so we’ve been around for quite a while now. We were the first to produce luxury vinyl tiles on European soil. The funny thing about vinyl is that it’s such an interesting material, even though a lot of people don’t necessarily think of it that way. For one, it’s one of the most durable materials out there. It’s easy to maintain, install and recycle. Furthermore, it’s beautiful, affordable, and so much more versatile than wood or stone.”

Elise: “Yes, just think about it, you’d probably never pick a walnut floor for your bathroom. Wood and water aren’t exactly a great match. But with a vinyl floor that looks and feels like real walnut, you don’t have to worry about that. You can even take it a step further with matching skirtings and profiles. Or a staircase in the exact same style. It’s never just about the floor, you see. We always envision the bigger picture. The complete spatial experience.”

Cindy: “And then there’s the sensorial aspect too of course. Vinyl actually soaks up the sound of your footsteps. It also feels warm and comfy. So, when we’re designing a floor in our atelier, it’s never limited to looks. We always think about how it feels and sounds too. How it affects every one of your senses.”

Elise: “Every detail has to make sense. Our designs have to feel, sound and look just right. We’ve always done this, but in the last couple of years we noticed more and more of our customers paying attention to it as well.”

That’s probably not the only change you noticed in these past couple of years. Which other trends do you have on your radar?

Cindy: ”First of all, a lot of us are more attentive to the materials, colours and textures we let into our home. We really reconnected with our surroundings. And with nature too. We even want to pull the outside indoors. Rightfully so, because it can have a huge effect on your wellbeing.”

Elise: “We also noticed the rise of tactility in materials. People want to feel things again. The fact that we’re living in an increasingly digital world, where everything takes place on a flat screen, only adds to this.”

Cindy: “We reconnected with ourselves too. People got to thinking. What’s my identity? How can I express myself? In my clothing. In my home. They want their interior to match their own unique personality and have a bigger say in creating it too. And that freedom to be who you are and express it in your home, is something we firmly believe in at Moduleo. It’s why we design floors in the first place. So that people can create their own unique living spaces.”

Elise: “But we don’t just want to offer them the floors to do so, we want to inspire them too. Show them what’s possible and trigger their imagination. That’s why we browsed the world of design, architecture, art and even fashion to curate some of the most exciting new trends, materials, patterns, colours and finishes. And we brought them together into six captivating interior themes.”

Sounds exciting. Tell us more about the creative process behind the Roots collection and these six interior themes.

Elise: ”Well, we always look at what’s going on in the world first. In this case, it was getting back in touch with ourselves, nature and our surroundings. From there on we searched for ways to translate these macrotrends into actual design characteristics. The sensory and tactile features of the Roots collection are the result of this.”

Cindy: “For the six interior themes, we plugged in some trend forecasters and visual artists to brainstorm with. With the global trends and our own design vision in mind, we mixed and matched samples from our Roots collection with different types of fabrics, minerals, plants, furniture, and art until everything felt just right. It was a very intuitive process. Ultimately, we ended up with a refreshing, versatile collection and six totally different interior themes.”

Elise: “Each theme comes with its own aesthetic and different mood boards. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to one in particular though. On the contrary. Once you dive into one theme world, you still have so many options. You could go for a lighter or darker colour palette. Serene patterns or more tropical ones. Futuristic textures or classical ones. There are no limits really.”

Cindy: “We really want to encourage people to play around with it. Because that’s how you’ll ultimately find a floor that feels just right for you.”

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