modaStyle – The Background modaStyle, a company currently employing eleven professionally trained people has been established in 1998. Striving to create stylish appearances for a whole host of employees from any number of working environments, modaStyle offer the full range of company clothing from the health sector right through to waiters and waitresses working in restaurants. Prior to the launch of modaStyle – owner and indeed Managing Director, Ruth Burgin, was a senior director in a large fashion company. Unfortunately, this company folded but that didn’t take Ruth’s passion away for the industry. Ruth was extremely determined to stay in the industry, even more so given her seventeen years of experience within the company and many more years in the industry, as well as the long list of business contacts that she had accumulated over the years. Partnering that with her desire to branch out on her own, Ruth launched her own boutique in Switzerland.

The Manufacturing of the Products modaStyle pride themselves on providing a service and this is highlighted in the company slogan: ‘we don’t sell uniforms; we provide a service’. modaStyle produce their products in Europe and the production companies that they work with are in Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In the early stages of making a sale and producing the product, modaStyle will be sure to sit down with the client in order to discuss both their requirements and aspirations for what they want to achieve with the uniforms. Additionally, they will run over the budgets and quantities relevant to the order. Thereafter, modaStyle will create and present to the client a concept based on their requirements. This gives both parties the opportunity to re-discuss and make any changes that may be necessary. The detailed design stage then takes place whereby modaStyle will produce samples to present to the client. During this part of the process, modaStyle set themselves apart from their competitors by offering their clients a host of advice on a variety of things from how to care for the garments right through to advice on quantities to order for each employee. They also take this opportunity to encourage the client towards products with sustainable use and similarly, when choosing the most suitable production company, modaStyle always ensure they have social responsibility policies.

Once the order has been placed, modaStyle will source the most suitable production company for the job often entailing the production of counter samples before producing the uniforms in accordance with the client’s specification. Providing a service is at the heart of modaStyle and they once again demonstrate this by labelling the uniform with sizes and production dates amongst other important pieces of information so that the client has very little admin to do upon receiving their order. Once the uniforms have been manufactured and labelled up, they are then sent to the client. Again, this is done in accordance with the desire of the client – in boxes, packed individually and so on. modaStyle ensure they once again portray their excellent customer service by providing full after-sale service. This includes fulfilling follow up orders, adding additional garments in the case of new employees being employed, small repairs and more.

The Ambition of the Company modaStyle look forward to an exciting future by remaining within the industry and with the help of Hotel Suppliers, they will be looking to generate more enquiries and in turn, new business. Although they are looking to continue to grow the business, they prefer to remain focussed and on the service side of the business rather than expanding too much, too soon. In conclusion, modaStyle are looking to replace clients where necessary, whilst growing the business by generating new enquiries through Hotel Suppliers.

Target Market Although modaStyle don’t have any specific range of hotels they target, they typically deal with four or five-star establishments. However, they pride themselves upon providing solutions and services for any hotel, the health sector or indeed any business – whatever the requirements. They are producing uniforms and corporate fashion for a variety of other sectors, from restaurants to garments within the health sector. They have also provided uniforms for security companies and banks but they believe strongly that they are capable of producing high quality, beautifully designed products for anyone that may need a uniform and thus enhance the visibility and recognition of their corporate identity. The famous, and inscribed in 2017 in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,Baslerl Fasnacht(Carnival in Basel), is a carnival in which around 50,000 people actively participate a variety of different costumes. modaStyle design and produce costumes for 10 to 15 participating carnival bands of 15 to 120 members each demonstrating again their ability to work to any specification to produce perfectly made garments.