By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the explosion of the cannabis and CBD industry and its entrance into the hospitality market; but for those interested in learning it is easy to become overwhelmed because of the sheer volume of information available with no centralized authority from which to learn. If you find yourself wanting to bring the benefits of cannabinoids like CBD to your guests but don’t know where to begin, know that you have an advocate in Master Roachee’s Garden. I am Matt Avery and I’ve been involved in the hemp and cannabis movement for nearly 50 years, and I bring my expertise as an herbalist, activist, and patient of cannabinoids to my role as founder and CEO of Master Roachee’s Garden.

CDB and other Cannabinoids along with cold pressed Hemp seed oil are derived from the Hemp plant and will not get you high but do have some amazing benefits. CBD taken internally as a Tincture has been shown to help with anxiety and inflammation. One of the most publicized uses of CBD has been as a way of stopping epileptic seizures in children who were not responding to any other therapy.

The discovery of CBD as an effective epilepsy treatment opened the door for research into CBD and other cannabinoids. The Hemp plant is currently known to have between 80 and 100 “phyto-cannabinoids” which interact with our natural endocannabinoid system and many of these have had relatively little research done on them. As research continues there are more and more incredible benefits uncovered for pain, rest, wellness and more.

CBD is not just to be taken internally; it can also benefit the skin. CBD oil is good for treating Acne, psoriasis, and dry skin. Research supports CBG as a neuroprotectant as it can combat inflammation as well as neurodegeneration. It has also been shown to be useful in alleviating IBS and maintaining focus. CBN was shown to reduce arthritis pain with joint anti-inflammatory properties, it also has great stress reduction and sleep-inducing properties. These properties seem to be superior to that of both Melatonin and BENADRYL® without the side effects of both. Phyto-cannabinoids are able to work so well without harsh side effects because of their ability to work within our natural endo-cannabinoid system and easily breakdown into their components within the blood when not needed by the body while remaining available for reassembly when they are needed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the utility and function of phyto-cannabinoids and there is a lot to learn with more discovered every day. You want to find the right products to bring rest, relaxation, and wellness to your guests but you’re busy as it is. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert. We at Master Roachee’s Garden are here to help you navigate the cannabinoid landscape. We can offer consultations to determine the benefits and strengths you are looking for and develop unique formulations to bring the best results to your guests. We know you want the best for your clients and we are here to help.

Let us go to work for you today and give your guests products as unique as your accommodations.