Now introducing the Marco Pour’d System at Prima Coffee Equipment. Do away with dated beverage dispensers that make you guests question how long the cucumber-infused water has been sitting there, and upgrade to the Marco Pour’d system.

The Marco POUR’D 3-Button Beverage Dispenser is a dynamic quick-serve solution designed to volumetrically dose and combine a coffee concentrate or syrup with ambient, cold, hot or carbonated water with just the touch of a button.

This easy-to-install system not only created a visually appealing beverage station free of clutter and clunky over-the-counter beverage dispensers, but it also lessens the task of refreshing the drink containers every few hours. You can wow your guests with a sparkling beverage, a refreshing cold brew, or even a hot cup of coffee or water for tea.

Reach out to Prima Coffee today to learn more about how you can leverage the Marco Pour’d and other coffee and espresso equipment to create a memorable guest experience that will keep them returning time and time again to your hotel.