In a move that is set to redefine the travel experience for people serious about wellness and fitness, Manduka has announced their partnership with Hotel Suppliers to introduce their complete range of high-quality yoga equipment into hotel wellness centers, fitness studios, spas and gyms.  Manduka products are set to create a serene and rejuvenating platform for guests looking to begin or maintain their yoga practice while journeying across Europe, the Middle East or Africa.

The decision to bring their premium yoga mats and accessories into hotel spaces stems from a desire to extend the benefits of Manduka’s renowned products beyond the studio, making the practice of yoga and mindful movement more accessible to individuals on the move.

The brand also has a long history of working with yoga instructors to incorporate Manduka mats and accessories at wellness and meditation retreats around the world, so adding direct supply opportunities to hotels is a natural next step.

Studio owners and yoga instructors have long praised Manduka products for their value, emphasizing that high-quality gear pays off not only for the studio but also for the students in the long run. Manduka products are designed with a commitment to performance and durability, ensuring that they stand the test of time making them a wise choice for hotels and resorts looking to provide top-notch equipment for their guests.

Manduka’s highest quality yoga mats, beloved by teachers worldwide, are non-porous, making them exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean—a crucial factor in maintaining a sanitary and safe studio environment. Their ultra-dense and spacious performance mats offer unparalleled comfort, cushioning, and stability, making them not only ideal for yoga but also durable enough for the rigors of gym workouts.

The iconic PRO™ and PROlite® Yoga Mats are meticulously crafted in Germany, rigorously tested and certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®.  Manduka also offers mats that are 100% latex-free for the comfort of guests with sensitivities.

Manduka’s dedication to providing a comprehensive range of equipment means that beyond mats, they offer a diverse selection of accessories to assist in all types of yoga practices, catering to the unique needs and preferences of practitioners. From straps and bolsters to meditation cushions and towels to enhance grip, Manduka’s array of products is crafted with the same commitment to excellence and sustainability that defines the brand.

For a high-end look to match the premium quality, hotels and resorts are able to select from a range of colors, patterns and styles to suit. Manduka also offers the opportunity to co-brand select items based on minimum order quantities.

As the demand for exceptional wellness experiences continues to surge, Manduka’s unwavering dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation has solidified its role as the premium brand in the yoga community.