Hotel Suppliers reporter, Manon Martini, sits down with the EVC team to discuss how they are ‘making the EV switch simple’ with their fully funded EV infrastructure for hoteliers.


Manon: Tell us about how your company began- what was your ‘inciting incident’, as it where?

EVC: In 2018, the UK government revealed plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. Two years later, this target was realigned to 2030. With such a short time frame, the automotive industry turned it’s attention to manufacturing electric cars, and the electric revolution was imminent.

EVC started in 2020, bringing together a team of experts from the car park management industry and the renewable energy field. We were aware that many businesses and hotels would face difficulties preparing for an influx of EV drivers visiting their sites, due to expensive initial outlay and relative inexperience in what was, at the time, an emerging industry.


MM: What is your mission at EVC? How does the hotel industry fit into this?

EVC: We live by our mission of ‘making the EV switch simple’. From installing EV chargers at your hotel, to the end-user experience, EVC make the process as simple as possible. We have dedicated specialists to guide hoteliers through the installation process, advising on the best location for EV bays alongside the optimum charging speed. We also operate a 24 hr support line for users, if they need assistance with their charge.


MM: Tell us about your fully funded financial option for hoteliers – what impact do you see this having on the hotel industry?

EVC: Hotels offering EV charging facilities has gone from an additional optional amenity to a necessity in a short space of time, helping to retain current customers. Hotels not offering EV charging for their guests are missing out on a new and growing customer base, alongside vital additional revenue. However, EV charging facilities can be expensive to install and maintain, so EVC offer a fully funded financial option to allow hotels to prepare for the future at zero-cost. This includes ongoing maintenance and management of the chargers so that hoteliers have one less thing to worry about.


MM: How will EVC help us to achieve Zero Emissions in the UK? 

EVC: Transport is the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas emissions, producing 24% of the UK’s total emissions. To achieve the target of Net Zero by 2050, it is clear that the transport industry will need to be overhauled and move towards cleaner vehicles such as electric. However, motorists are often wary of making the switch to electric due to a lack of public charging infrastructure. EVC plan to install 100,000 EV charge points across the entirety of the UK in the next 5 years so that drivers can rest easy knowing that they will always have a place to charge.


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