TydenBrooks understands the safety of people in business and at home is critical. Fire doors are the very first step of defence between a fire and a person. This very fact makes a fire door an essential safety device that helps to prevent smoke and fire from spreading to other parts of a building. As a result, it saves lives and property. Hotel News Do Fire Doors Need Maintenance? Just like any other product that has been designed to save lives, fire doors need to be inspected often to make sure they are functioning properly. They should be inspected just as a smoke detector or fire alarm is regularly checked. If there is any alteration to the fire door, it can affect the performance of the door. Unfortunately, people have been compromised when fire doors have not been inspected regularly. Also, violators can face steep penalties and even prison if they fail to comply with the legislation regarding fire door inspections. Hotel News Security Seals Preventing Misuse of Fire Doors As a manufacturer of sequentially numbered Fire Door Security Seals, TydenBrooks are industry experts with many years of experience. We are the market leaders in the security seal industry because of our research and development team ensuring we stay updated on evolving developments in preventing misuse of fire doors and emergency exits. TydenBrooks has several tamper-evident solutions available that can be used with panic bolts or push bars to deter the misuse of emergency exits. Below are our recommended solutions: Pull Tite Seal The plastic pull tite seal is an adjustable pull-up seal that works like a cable tie but is easily snapped when the panic bolt/bar is opened in a real emergency. The plastic pull tite seals come in strips of 10 and are individually pre-marked for traceability. The pull-tite seal is an original TydenBrooks security seal that was introduced to the market in 1977. The pull-tite is made of polypropylene and has an average pull-apart strength of 6.5 kg, making this plastic seal, suitable for securing emergency exits and fire doors. There are standard colour choices available and custom colours with custom marking options available. Minimum order quantities will apply. Hotel News Non-Residue Tamper Evident Security Labels Non-residue security labels are our most tamper evident solution available. You can place the label on the surface of the door and door frame. If any attempt to open the door, manipulate the label with a chemical or peel the label off the door will leave a clear indication of tampering. Every security label we produce has an invisible ‘VOID’ message that is triggered when an attempt to manipulate the label has occurred. Once the ‘VOID’ appears it is permanently visible on the label surface. Each time a fire door inspection is carried out, the recorded sequential number on the security seal or security label is checked against the inspection logs. If the numbers match, the fire door can be tested and a replacement security seal applied, with the new sequential serial number added to the inspection log. For property owners, some of the most recent convictions have been very severe and have served as a warning to other property owners. Failure to comply with Fire Safety Regulations can have devastating consequences in more ways than one. Hotel News