Hospitality lives or dies on key moments and while acing the arrival moment is critical, the parting moments should never be over-looked.

While many guests might be making a leisure stay and have time to make the most of your full breakfast experience, a large group of guests will need to leave early or in a hurry for business or onwards travel.

The moment of checkout, returning your room key and heading for the door can be enhanced in many ways, but an enticing grab-and-go breakfast is likely to be the best way to ‘make their morning’ and ensure a lasting and positively memorable departure experience.

Of course, the to-go coffee is the centre piece and hero of the offer. But A-listers need co-stars and pairing coffee with a curated selection of favourite partners for a convenient portable snack will complete your on-the-go breakfast. Obvious options are fruit or pastries, but why not mix things up and stand out from the other venues by presenting your fast-exiting guests with the new Gut-Friendly Oat Bars from British startup SOAK’d OATS? Comprising 42g of chewy breakfast deliciousness and wholesome long lasting complex carbs, these new stars of the British breakfast scene make an attractive addition to any morning – and with their standout sunny yellow branding they’ll bring brightness to any breakfast display.

What makes them such a great fit is that they were designed for precisely this moment – healthy breakfast on-the-go. And because they are made with British oats and are 100% plant-based and gluten free, they are one of the most inclusive food options. The startup founders we inspired to solve the problem of wanting a convenient on-the-go breakfast option that delivered on health and nutrition without compromising flavour. And that’s exactly what they’ve created!

The bars are now available in two deliciously chewy and moreish flavours:

‘Apple & Raisin with Cinnamon’ and ‘Peanut Butter & Banana’. And because they contain nothing but kitchen cupboard ingredients you can be confident that even your most health conscious and discerning guests will feel good about their grab-and-go breakfast. SOAK’d OATS promise no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial sweeteners and no emulsifiers… just high fibre, gut-friendly, real food ingredients that you can trust to get your day off to a satisfying start.

Try new SOAK’d OATS Gut Friendly Oat Bars. And make your on-the-go breakfast offer a moment your guests remember for all the right reasons.

To discover more, or to place an order for 1 or more display-ready packs of 16 SOAK’d OATS Gut-Friendly Oat Bars for your on-the-go breakfast offer, visit www.soakdoats.com