As wellness products generally, and in particular those with so-called adaptogenic ingredients continue to proliferate and grow in popularity, so hotels should look at deploying innovative products that massively enhance the guest experience…

Step forward, True North Labs. A wellness solutions provider, they pride themselves on partnerships with brands, organisations and innovation teams to deliver truly unique products in the burgeoning health and wellness space.

Leaning heavily on the cannabinoid – or CBD space – they develop bespoke tinctures, solutions and other delivery mechanisms that harness the power of LEGAL cannabis derivatives, and use these to create truly innovative products.

Depending on your guests’ needs – be that a good night’s sleep, a facial treatment, post-workout recovery or simply to unwind after a long flight and a day of meetings (or shopping!) – True North Labs offer an innovative suite of products that can be purchased “off shelf” and packaged/branded however you choose, or they can work in lockstep with your teams to develop truly bespoke, unique products that match the wonderful offerings of your estate.

Sharon Tsai, Chief Product Officer comments: “we’re delighted to be working with Hotel Suppliers to offer our truly innovative products to the best hotels in the world. We’re passionate about our bespoke solutions and what they could offer to improve guest experiences in so many ways, and we can’t wait to start more projects with forward-thinking hoteliers across the globe.”

Our products are created in our state of the art laboratory in Pfyn, Switzerland and are all fully accredited, transparent and legal in their markets. We welcome the chance to discuss this further with you. Please contact [email protected] to find out more.