In the beginning HFG to today is known to collaborate with designers and end users regarding their property needs such as in the case of Club Med Resorts.  Club Med was our very first clients in the industry in the early 1980’s.

We collaborated with then owner of the property who approached us to develop a product that would fit the atmosphere without needing glass, which was popular at the time.  All tables of any type besides stone had glass.  Collaborating with her we came up with a product we then and now call Cocotops.

It’s properties give it the ability to place a glass of any type of liquid in it and will not mark.  As so, we started to manufacture this hand made product and capitalize on its properties and adhere it to dressers, nightstands, and coffee table tops.  Colours can be customized to give a different look to each top, which was desirable for its customization.

Today, our Cocotops have evolved to be used as table tops, coffee tables, bar tops, design shelving, design for back chair accents and mill work for walls in lobbies.