LIVMARK are providing hotels with cutting edge smart solutions to give added value to a guests stay whilst being useful, practical and unique, giving an unforgettable experience to even the most high end hotel guest. Providing exclusive solutions to simple necessities will leave an eventful memory for everyone, for instance being able to set curtains to open at a certain time to allow the sun to naturally wake you up or checking weather, news and even ordering room service via your smart mirror! A vast array of smart technology includes smart mirrors, smart locks, WiFi thermostats, hotel automation, guest management, room service software and many other contemporary solutions for hotels. LIVMARK are even providing kiosks (totems) with built-in hand sanitisers as a respond to COVID-19. Hotel News Having full control over heating, lights, audio systems, drapes and so much more in their room at the touch of a smart console will seem a necessity to a guest after staying in a room fully optimised with LIVMARK technology. Even the design is easy on the eye, with a modern and stylish, yet functional aesthetic given to all their products, allowing them to adapt to any hotel setting and character. The smart locks are a perfect example of this, demonstrating a subtle yet smart design, whilst also providing a smart solution to outdated keys and swipe cards. No guest wants to carry a physical key around with them on holiday. LIVMARK recognises that the smartphone is key, whilst still making their lock compatible with codes, keys and swipe cards. Hotel News There are customisable elements to many of the smart solutions, especially the smart mirror, which comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, allowing the most suited screen to be chosen for each and every decor and style a hotel might have. Also, there is an LED strip around the edge of the smart mirror which can be made brighter or dimmer, the colour can be changed, and there is even a space at the bottom for a hotel logo or name to be put to really make the guest connect and remember their individual, special hotel experience. The smart mirror has basic settings for connectivity like bluetooth and WiFi, yet comes with seamless navigation between a plethora of applications including has Amazon for shopping, Spotify for music, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maps, Amazon prime, Netflix, news and sports news to name but a few! It also comes with compatibility to other smart technology for example smart scales that connect via bluetooth and show body weight, muscle mass and the body mass index. Taking a step back, the home screen can be set to show the date, time and displays the weather of the chosen location for the next week!