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Voltra Lighting – Hotel Lamp Suppliers

Hotel Lamp Suppliers

Voltra Lighting – Hotel Lamp Suppliers

Hotel Cordless Lamps

Voltra lights have been engineered and tested to the highest standard. We bring lighting to table level and softly illuminate guests faces with the fineness of candlelight, yet infinitely safer. We have a huge experience in being Hotel Lamp Suppliers. Our range of table top lights are designed in London and are manufactured by experts in lighting to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Our top goal was to ensure that our lights are beautiful in both form and function. We work hard to be the very best Hotel Lamp Suppliers.

Award-Wining Design Hotel Lamp Suppliers

Designed to exceed the high expectations of our clients in the hospitality sector, our lights and chargers reflect our industry knowledge and are made to withstand the rigours of the food and beverage business. Yet we also love to bring affordable luxury to the home, allowing everyone to capture the unforgettable ambience of a favourite restaurant, bar or hotel.

Our experience in hotel lighting design has enabled us to fine tune the light source to create a warm, intimate environment. We bring lighting to table level and softly illuminate guests’ faces with all the subtlety of candlelight, yet infinitely safer. The flickering mode enhances this even further.

Design is in our DNA, and we are committed to innovate and improve by designing new ranges and reducing our environmental impact even further. Voltra lights are created by our in-house design team, which collaborates with renowned designers and already have received two lighting design awards. We have huge experience in being a Hotel Lamp Suppliers.

Crafted for Intimacy

As expert Hotel Lamp Suppliers, our table level lights are fine tuned to create a warm, intimate environment. Each one softly illuminates faces with the subtlety of candlelight and a captivating, flickering effect, where our finely tuned flickering function is selected.

Voltra lamps are cleverly composed of two halves – the removable engine (the battery) and the housing. Leave the housing in place while you remove the engine to charge it, saving time and space. Or leave the housing on – it is your choice. Hotel Cordless Lamps are a really great future for lighting.

Our chargers are design pieces in themselves. Choose an individual charger if you only have a few lamps – or a charging tray or trolley to charge and control multiple lamps at once through our patented communication system.

Voltra Alabaster Lamp

Alabaster is handcrafted from natural alabaster to give each lamp a unique pattern, designed to echo “flamboyant art-deco interiors”.  These lamps are internally lit and made to create an ambient, even illumination. Alabaster lamps have an impressive heavy weight.

Voltra Reeded Lamp

The Reeded lamp combines brass mesh with a reeded polycarbonate outer layer and its re-imagines gas lights and French boudoir lighting.  Also the transparent cover cocooning a captivating internal light diffuser that creates the illusion of a candle that catches on the brass mesh. We want to be top range Hotel Lamp Suppliers.

Voltra Frosted Lamp

Frosted, is a simple, pared-back translucent design created with “universal functionality” in mind. These collections provide soft, ambient lighting which is encased in a diffuser designed to graze the light towards the top of the lamp.

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