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Unique Wall Tapestries

Unique Wall Tapestries

Urban Cotton, located in the creative hotspot of Amsterdam, is a showcase for creative talent that offers unique wall tapestries made from 100% organic cotton & Art Prints in limited edition. With our vast and inspiring array of creative designs Urban Cotton provides each interior that personal ‘signature’. Discover Urban Cotton and the amazing stories behind our designs. 

Urban Cotton, gamechanger from Amsterdam

We are a young and creative team from Amsterdam and have already proven to be at the forefront of the interior market. The collection is updated constantly with new designs. We are able  to think and act freely, that’s why so many great artists bring their work under the wings of Urban Cotton. Urban Cotton helps artists to curate their work for the right audience and vice versa. With our experience in interior styling, wide array of art works and material knowledge, we can create the perfect atmosphere in every space.

Sustainable wall tapestries and art prints

The Urban Cotton team is extremely ambitious, at least as innovative and focused on sustainability. The company from Amsterdam offers a unique collection of 100% organic cotton wall hangings & Art Prints and is continuously discovering new materials to work with. It is often much easier to use non-sustainable materials, but that does not suit us. We prefer to make it more difficult for ourselves since it is our goal to reduce our environmental footprint.

Currently we work with sustainable materials such as organic linen, pineapple leather, jute, paper yarn, organic velvet, organic cotton and mudcloth. But we are always up for new challenges. For example, pineapple leather has many challenges: it must be processed in a 100% vegan way and you are not allowed to print on it. But the material itself is really cool and game-changing. With us you get quality, products that look good and that áre good.

Design by creative talent, for all interior styles

Urban Cotton started as a platform for creative talent, founded by Hester Zijlstra and Jan-Willem van de Steeg, and is a hotspot for creativity. Why a platform? “Contributing to creative talent is our mission. We are committed into long-term partnerships with our designers. That is why we offer artists a helping hand in marketing and sales, a creative network, a stage and a fixed percentage of the works sold. “It results in a diverse collection. This is reflected in the designs, but also in the use of materials and print runs. In this way we are able to make unique artworks accessible and affordable for a very diverse audience. The fact that Urban Cotton also gives something back to the designer has resulted in a huge collection of unique images in almost all styles that you can imagine.

Every artist and every artwork has its own story. We embrace those stories and translate them into beautiful design. The power of good design lies in the authenticity of the maker. They put their soul into the designs, which we help to bring across into beautiful interiors.

Urban Cotton, fresh, creative and international design

Our team, together with the artist and client, always  strives for the best fit between design, material and technology. Our starting point is always the look and feel we want to create in peoples living environments. Whether it needs to exude pure luxury or a serene, far from perfect, wabi-sabi style, we create the atmosphere that fits the environment with original and special designs.

We advice not only on material and design, but also on the techniques used. We are experts in printing, from digitally to pure craftsmanship or screen printing. But also weaving, embroidering, knitting, hand painting, anything is possible. As long as it complements the design and atmosphere. We design for extremely scalable designs and products, to one of a kind and handmade.

Transparent and cooperative design process

We work closely with our partners. Our team is known for transparent communication, listening to the wishes of our clients and asking the right questions to ensure that we deliver exactly to your wishes. We take you through the design process, so that interim feedback can be given and coordination can be sought with third parties involved in a project.

Before the start of the collaboration, customers can choose from our current collection, where you will have a team of experts at your disposal to help curate. But we can also start a design process together. If the latter is chosen, we will always start with an extensive introduction to visualize the wishes. We can also work extremely well with existing mood boards, color schemes and themes. We will then seamlessly connect the designs to this. In addition, the customer receives a clear and realistic planning to guarantee that we will deliver on time and without surprises.






unique wall tapestries


unique wall tapestries

Hester Zijlstra – Founder – Urban Cotton

Expert in Wall Tapestries

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