La Pelucherie – Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels – La Pelucherie

La Pelucherie is a family brand creating emotions for more than 40 years. Our unique stuffed animals for Hotels are authentic, designed in France and handmade in Italy, and will last a lifetime. Our great family brings emotion, tenderness, affection and sometimes nostalgia.

Exceptional Plushes – Hand made in Italy.

Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Our Authentic stuffed animals are carefully hand-stitched in our brand’s historic workshop. Each details counts : the eye’s expression, the selection of each piece, the cutting of different materials..

From the 10cm Lucie the Mouse to the 1m70 Henri the Horse, through the 50 cm Cesar the Tiger each model is available in 3 or 4 sizes and therefore can be used as a gorgeous decoration or a great comforter.

Real Size Authentic Stuffed Animals

We offer unique stuffed animals for hotels of more than 2m00: Zoe the giraffe (1m60 & 2m), Henri the Horse (1m30 & 1m70), Zelie the panther (1m10) or Lucien the sleeping bear (1m50 & 2m50). They are all perfect to sublimate your hotel’s interior and create a lovely atmosphere. In a room or in the lobby, they make eyes of little and big ones glitter!

Customised Offers for Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Each client is unique. We can propose you several solutions for our authentic stuffed animals to fit your needs and your budget :
– create your own model
– customise one of our model with your logo
– customise the pouch in which the stuffed toy is presented.

We already have authentic stuffed animals in several Palace & 5 Stars Hôtels as The Plaza Athénée, The Lutetia, The Ritz Paris, etc. We will be glad to see our unique stuffed animals be adopted all around the world.





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Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels


Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Alexandra Rapaport & Natacha Benarous – Founders – La Pelucherie

Expert in Unique Stuffed Animals for Hotels

Alexandra (38) & Natacha (33) are two sisters. Three years ago they decided to relaunch their grandmother’s brand, La Pelucherie Paris. They both grew up surrounded by good quality stuffed toys. As they become mothers, they thought they couldn’t find any. So, they wanted to offer cuddly toys and renew with the French great savoir-faire of their grandmother.

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