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Unique Hotel Lighting

Unique Hotel Lighting – ELOA Unique Lights

Light objects float weightlessly in space. Fragile, iridescent, timeless. ELOA is a modular lighting system composed of unique handcrafted glass pieces. Select from a variety of unique hotel lighting – unique hand-blown forms, which are one of a kind in shape, size and colour – unique.
ELOA combines the craft of ancient glassblowing with a simple, yet distinct design. Each example of the unique hotel lighting requires an expert touch, as in order to achieve the large size of the glass objects and working without forms, it takes a high level of refined craftsmanship and skill performed by only a few master glassblowers.


The glasses from the unique hotel lighting systems are made in traditional glassworks. The size of the objects requires a high level of craftsmanship that only a few glassblowers can still master. ELOA therefore cooperates with the best glassblowers from the Czech Republic.
The special thing about ELOA is that all objects from the unique hotel lighting systems are blown without forms, free in the air with sophisticated techniques and a lot of craftsmanship. The glass is worked without pressing it into a form, with the highest premise of natural expression. Every production and every step is accompanied by the designer on site. The techniques and procedures are discussed together. The design of the individual object is thus individual and unique.
The forms are blown from a wide range of colours. Glass rods from a German company are used for the individual colours. These highly pigmented rods are individually incorporated into the respective objects during blowing. The special incorporation of the glass pigments and the varying thickness of the glass create the various colour gradients that give ELOA products their fascination.


Unique Hotel Lighting
Unique Hotel Lighting
Unique Hotel Lighting
Unique Hotel Lighting


Unique Hotel Lighting

Simone Lüling – Owner & Designer – ELOA – Unique Lights GMBH

Expert in Unique Hotel Lighting

Simone Lüling, born in 1975, studied industrial design at the Zurich University of Design. She received the Swiss Federal Design Prize for her thesis, one of most prestigious design awards in Switzerland. Later on, she worked as a designer for Jasper Morrison in London. She also founded a gallery dedicated to young contemporary artists in Berlin, called ‘Cruise & Callas’. Since 2010 she worked as a product designer and as an interior design consultant. 2015 was founded ELOA by Simone Lüling.
The idea of ELOA appeared while working on a commissioned project in a loft space. The concept for lighting was to frame the different functional areas –cooking, eating, working. As the nucleus of the apartment, this room could also be given different atmospheres according to the time and occasion. In the following year, ELOA was developed, generated by the desire to create a variable, modular system of hand-blown lights

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