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TydenBrooks – Hotel Security Seals / Hotel Security Bags and Labels

Hotel Security Bags Hotel Security Seals and Labels

Hotel Security Seals / Hotel Security Bags and Labels – TydenBrooks

Established in 1873, TydenBrooks Security Products Europe is a global manufacturer and distributor of a full range of tamper-evident hotel security seals, including High Security Seals, Cable Seals, Indicative Plastic Security Seals, Security Labels & Tapes, Secure Cash Bags, Reusable Hotel Security Bags and more.

From our large premises in London, we offer a full comprehensive, competitive and innovative range of hotel security seals to the travel industry across all continents.

Secure Hotel Cash Bags & Hotel Key Bags

The secure hotel cash bags and hotel key bags are part of the TydenPak range, of reusable hotel security bags. The TydenPak has the leading edge in the closed-loop movement of items including cash and key handling in hotels, hotel casinos, restaurants and bars. At TydenBrooks we understand hotels transport monies internally between departments or externally between the head office and its branches. The secure hotel cash bag system offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution for sending cash in a secure and cost-effective manner.

The secure hotel cash bags come with a short or long edge zip to suit individual hotel requirements. Each reusable hotel security bags are made to last, using a PVC coated, heavy denier polyester material. It comes with an information window for identifying contents. In addition, the bags can be marked with a logo, barcode, QR code or similar identifying requirements.

Each hotel cash bags features the TydenClip Chamber features tamper-evident breakout points, which means any effort to tamper with the chamber will result in clear evidence that can be easily seen and recognized as theft or tampered unauthorized entry.

The use of the TydenClip hotel security seals forms a vital part of the overall security system. Recording, applying and checking the seal numbers correctly enables goods to be tracked from location to location, therefore highlighting if and when un authorised access takes place.

KNR Hotel Security Labels Securing Hotel Mini Bars

TydenBrooks security products Europe manufacture tamper evident hotel security labels. Our security labels are used by some of Europe’s largest hotel and restaurant chains for securing various sections of a hotel including the mini-bar fridges after they have been replenished or for sealing the main bar of the hotel. The hotel security labels have a non-residue material. The security label will stick to the surface of the mini bar but, when peeled off doesn’t leave a mark on the surface.
Tydenbrooks hotel Security labels are easy to apply and remove. They are extremely tamper evident and show clear permanent signs of tampering once an unauthorised individual attacks the label, by a hidden “Void / Open” message.

In addition to the hidden “Void / Open” message, all Tamper Evident Labels have an optional security cut feature on the face of the label, which divides the label into smaller parts when it is removed. The design of the security cuts makes it impossible to put back the label in place again without evidence.

While Tamper Evident Hotel Security Labels are generally used as a highly visible form of tamper indication, some labels are used as covert seals using UV coating or printing ink as a means of detection and authenticity.

Hotel Key Wallets

There are many ways that we have assisted the leisure industry. We are working with a few large clients to ensure that their keys and other valuable items are transported and stored securely.

Please see our Custom Made Bags section for more info. We provide a range of additional products such as payment terminal carriers and storage, robust courier boxes for sending items between stores and internal document pouches for the safe storage of sensitive information within a store itself. Please click here to see some of the more unique projects that we have worked on.

Hotel Security Seals

All Tamper Evident Bags are fitted with our Tyden 8 Chamber to house our TydenClip, hotel security seal. Our hotel security seals are supplied in either a numbered, logo’d or barcoded form. Selection is dependent upon the level of security required. As standard, the hotel security seal TydenClip comes with a 7-digit sequential number which can provide an audit trail if the number is recorded and tracked. Barcoding is made to order and has a minimum order quantity. Barcoding provides you with an automated high security track and trace system.

It is the TydenClip Chamber that truly makes the products innovative. They have a dual tamper evident system – exposing tampering not only to the bag but also the security clip and chamber. The chamber along with the seal are the most secure and technically advanced closed loop security solution within the market.

Plastic Pull-Tite Hotel Fire Extinguisher Seals

TydenBrooks Security Products Europe has a wide range of Adjustable Plastic Pull-Tite Seals designed for many applications.

In the hotel & Leisure industry we supply the pull-tite Hotel Fire Extinguisher Seals. The Pull-tite tamper seals are one of the most vital pieces of a hotel fire extinguisher engineers tool bag. They are easily fitted and break off with ease when the extinguisher needs to be used.

All of TydenBrooks hotel fire extinguisher seals can be customised with colour choice and numbering sequence making them the most customisable and unique security seals available on the market today.

Hotel Security Bags Hotel Security Seals and Labels
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Hotel Security Bags Hotel Security Seals and Labels

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