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Transparent Sound – Bespoke Hotel Speakers

Bespoke Hotel Speakers

Transparent Sound – Bespoke Hotel Speakers

We aim to change the consumer electronics industry

Transparent Sound was for a couple of years run as a side project by the design studio People People. The first version of the Transparent Speaker was 2012 uploaded on their blog and the positive reactions immediately took off. The post got viral and on the followers request the speaker was launched through crowd funding. Between 2013 and 2017 the speaker popped up in many interesting contexts, for example in music videos for world artists such as Snoop Dog, Britney Spears and Will.I.Am. This launched the interest in Bespoke Hotel Speakers.

In 2018 two of the original founders, Per Brickstad and Martin Willers, decided to focus on the speakers fully hearted and are now re-launching the brand with some exciting projects. They have, among other things, collaborated with skilled craftsmen from Sweden and France for a collection called UPCRAFTED where components are reborn in a collection of hand made, Bespoke Hotel Speakers. They are also finally releasing the anticipated small transparent speaker. All speakers are designed to be as much timeless interior design objects as a great sounding piece of Electronics. They have also been carefully considered down to the last detail to ensure quality and functionality, but it also carry a hidden mission-they want to radically change and clean up the dirty consumer electronics industry that is currently trashing our planet

Six years ago the first version of what became a speaker loved by design and music interested people all over the world was created for the first time: the Transparent Speaker. Now, a few years later,Transparent Sound has released two versions of the Transparent Speaker and a limited edition named UPCRAFTED. They are continuing to move the boundaries between design, technology and craft–always with a sustainability focus.

The first version of the Transparent Speaker was born during an internal lab 2012 and quickly received a lot of positive attention. The year before four friends had started the company, initially named People People, with an ambition to show an alternative to all the complicated tech products on the market. After some years of product development and internal organisational changes four have become two. This is where the invetive idea to create Bespoke Hotel Speakers came from. Per Brickstad and Martin Willers are now back withTransparent Sound and exciting speakers in both familiar as well as new designs.

Bespoke Hotel Speakers

The driving force for Transparent Sound have always been a curiosity, a desire and a will to question what tech products mean and bring to people’s life. Per and Martin sees themselves as craft nerds, with an almost unhealthy relation to details. They aim to create emotions with their products and to make people co-operate with the nature to a greater extent.Their design approach takes inspiration from the Scandinavian functionalism, but also includes contemporary elements, materials, textures as well as details. We found people really connected and enjoyed our Bespoke Hotel Speakers.

”We always strive to investigate to what extent an advanced tech item also can be a beautiful design object. There is something truly exciting inletting components transform into new formats, where the products are modular and to some extent also circular: are fining process where always aim to create even better and more unique products, that do not destroy they world.We like the idea of things getting better with time,” says Per, Head of Design at Transparent Sound.

The Transparent Speaker

In a time where tech products are often complicated and often feel old already after a year or so,Transparent Sound strive to be an alternative. The name ’Transparent’ stands for different things:except for a charismatic and unique design the name also mean a questioning of the industry within which they operate, and an attempt for a more open, honest and sustainable business.

Per and Martin’s ambition is to create qualitative tech products that age with dignity and can be passed onto the next generation. The chosen materials and the manufacturing process focuses on being modular and repairable to make sure as few components as possible are thrown away. All speakers from Transparent Sound include a Bluetooth function, and for those who wish the speakers can also be upgraded with voice disorder and multi-room-systems. The definition Transparent Sound also refers to the fact that the speaker gives a correct translation of a recording. We give the best experience in Bespoke Hotel Speakers.



Bespoke Hotel Speakers
Bespoke Hotel Speakers


Bespoke Hotel Speakers

Martin Willers – Co-Founder – Transparent Sound

Expert in Bespoke Hotel Speakers

I built my career as a leading smart creative and entrepreneur. I started the design firm People People with a group of talented friends. During ten years People People started the lean hardware movement in Scandinavia designing several wearable tech startups that led us to be voted one of Europe hottest startup by Wired magazine. I also signed on leading consumer giant clients like Samsung, Ikea, Nevs (Saab) and Electrolux to do ground breaking work in consumer IoT products and experiences.

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