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Tilefire – Bespoke Hotel Tiles

Bespoke Hotel Tiles

Tilefire – Bespoke Hotel Tiles

Tile Fire – providing Bespoke Hotel Tiles to the hospitality sector.

Tile Fire ltd. is now in its 8th year of trading and has worked with a huge range of national companies to produce Bespoke Hotel Tiles and custom tiles. We have been proud to produce tiles for companies such as The Royal Albert Hall, Marella Cruise Ships and IHG hotels. We have also produced tiles for many independent hotels and restaurants across the country.

We work with architects and interior designers specialising in the hospitality sector. We help our clients develop their individual tile needs from concept through to production giving helpful advice through-out the process.

Bespoke Repeating pattern tiles

Repeating pattern tiles matched to specific Pantone reference numbers. If you have a design in mind and want to use brand specific colours then this service is for you. Supply us with your Bespoke Hotel Tile design and desired pantone reference numbers and let us know the desired area for use of the tile; wall, floor, interior or exterior. We will then produce the tiles for you. Floor tiles can be supplied with a anti slip rating for peace of mind.

Custom design mosaics

Our printed mosaics have been used in cruise ships and football clubs alike. They are great for an entrance lobby and make a great brand statement. Tile Fire’s custom hotel mosaics can be used on the floor, walls, sauna’s, pools and spas. Our bespoke mosaics come in easy to install panels.

Photo quality tile murals

We take digital images and enlarge them; they are then printed with the latest in digital ceramic print technology and fired in the kiln. We want you to have full control over your Bespoke Hotel Tiles. The final result leaves a real wow factor – very Instagramable!

Bespoke Hotel Tiles provided with commercial anti slip surfaces

Safety in a commercial setting is a must so we can provide tiles with a slip rating of R12/ 65PVT+ meaning the risk of slip is one in one million.

Precious metal coated tiles

Real gold, silver and copper designs printed onto Bespoke Hotel Tiles for the luxury brand.







Bespoke Hotel Tiles


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Andrew Cousins – Director – Tilefire

Expert in Bespoke Hotel Tiles

Andrew has been in the bespoke tile manufacturing business since 2012 when he started Tile Fire ltd. He has a passion for creating stunning custom tiles and would love to help you turn your tile ideas into a reality.

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