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hotel digital communication / hotel telephone system

Hotel Digital Communication

In-room tablets for digital guest communication in the hotel industry.

SuitePad is a SaaS company that provides in-room tablets and corresponding software specifically designed for hotels rooms, delivering a centralized service that brings digital communication between hoteliers and their guests to a new level. SuitePad tablets serve as central booking tools for services like hotel restaurants, shops, and spas, and can be integrated with an in-room telephone and TV remote – effectively decluttering the hotel room and providing a modern experience for guests.

Communicate With Your Guests Using SuitePad’s Digital Guest Directory

SuitePad’s Digital Guest Directory is perfect for replacing old-fashioned paper-based guest directories. By switching to SuitePad’s digital solution, you can get rid of dirty and high-maintenance guest folders, piles of aging leaflets, and confusing service directories with something sleek, intuitive, and in-line with the expectations of modern guests. SuitePad’s custom-built backend facilitates smooth communication between hotels and their guests, simplifying the management of services and orders so staff can concentrate on refining the guest experience. In addition to replacing traditional guest directories, SuitePad’s Digital Guest Directory has additional features that complement the smooth running of modern-day hotels such as the Green Option, which allows guests to forego room cleaning at the push of a button.

Prepare Guests For Their Stay With SuitePad BYOD

SuitePad BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a tool that allows guests to access the SuitePad interface through a web browser on their own device. This solution is perfect for introducing them to the SuitePad frontend before they arrive at the hotel. Guests, therefore, have the opportunity to customize their stay to make it as perfect as can be, increasing customer satisfaction and allowing for smoother operation of your hotel.

SuitePad Phone Is The Modern Way To Make Calls

Hotel telephone systems are often outdated and rarely used by guests, but SuitePad Phone provides your guests with a new system that brings this outdated feature into the twenty-first century. The system uses VOIP (Voice Over IP) to provide a more practical and cost-effective solution for guests to make both internal and external phone calls. Having this digital phone system at their fingertips makes guests more inclined to use it and costs hoteliers less to install and maintain than traditional systems.

Allow Guests To Control Their Hotel Room TV Using SuitePad TV Control

Hotel room TVs can be old-fashioned, and many guests get tired of flicking through the channels to find something worth watching — especially if they’re in a country where they don’t speak the local language! SuitePad TV allows guests to control their hotel room TV from their SuitePad tablet, but also to filter channels by language, catering to their needs and making their experience that little bit more homely. As all SuitePad tablets are installed with an infrared blaster, there’s no need to change your current TVs as the devices work with almost all TV models out there.




hotel digital communication / hotel telephone systems
hotel digital communication / hotel telephone system


hotel digital communication / hotel telephone system

Patrick Bingel
Head of Field Sales

Expert in Hotel Digital Communication

As the Head of Field Sales here at SuitePad, Patrick has extensive knowledge of SuitePad devices and products, the system backend, and the installation process and requirements, making him the perfect person to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask him anything about our solution.

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