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Steriloc – Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units

Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units

Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units

Steriloc offer automatic touch free hotel hand sanitiser units.

Steriloc is an anti-virus sanitisation system that when connected to an access system allows people to enter a workplace, school, hotel or gathering place only if their hands are quickly and thoroughly cleansed by a powerful automatic touch free hand sanitiser.

They use four jets, dispensing 70% plus alcohol sanitiser to provide an equal coverage of the user’s hands. Manufactured in the UK to exceptional standards, it is an affordable system that can give customers added confidence and protect your employees.

Is your hotel hand sanitising system touch free?

Multiple numbers of potentially infected fingers placed on a pump dispenser one after the other makes having this type of a hand sanitiser ultimately futile. Touch-free hand sanitiser systems will significantly cut down the risk of infection and really should be the only method used.

A Steriloc unit can be used extensively throughout the hotel industry. Placing a free-standing unit at your reception and entrance will provide guests with the confidence to sanitise their hands and know that all other guests will be doing the same. Our controlled entry system is perfect for back of house operations such as entry to the kitchen, conference rooms or offices. Steriloc will be able to guarantee that all staff have sanitised their hands regularly if our units are strategically placed around the hotel. If the member of staff does not sanitise their hands, they will not be allowed to gain entry.

Achieving a COVID-19 free workplace using hotel hand sanitiser units

Steriloc will demonstrate your commitment to achieving a COVID free workplace and form a key part of your risk mitigation strategy to give reassurance to your workforce that their workplace is as safe as can be during the pandemic and can continue to contribute to a safe working environment even beyond COVID.

Steriloc instantly cuts the risk of cross-contamination and is proven to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. The Steriloc units can be on free standing pedestals, wall mounted or linked to entry mechanisms and can be used with an extensive range of sanitising liquids available at our marketplace.

Can users choose whether to sanitise or not?

Our busy lives, and simple human nature dictates that unless we are compelled to do something we invariably go for the path of least resistance! A recent anecdotal observation outside our nation’s largest DIY retailer revealed that in a 10-minute timeslot, all twenty customers that walked into the store, completely ignored the sanitiser pump located next to the door. Mandatory sanitising units integrated to building entry systems, where access is denied if hands are not sanitised, are by far the best way to ensure that every entrant has effectively cleansed hands.

We understand that you want to welcome as many guests into your hotel as possible. Steriloc can be located at the entrance of your hotel. Clear signage with your hotel branding and the presence of a Steriloc unit will show your commitment to creating a safe hotel for all to enjoy.

Can I put my hotel branding onto a Steriloc Unit?

We want our Steriloc units to fit in with your unique hotel style. Whether you own a large city centre hotel or a small bed and breakfast in the countryside, each Steriloc can be personalised to meet your high standards of branding. You will be invited to work with our designers to create a personalised Steriloc unit for your hotel hand sanitiser unit.

Steriloc will email you when the sanitiser is running low

Our Steriloc systems can notify you via email of the usage and if they are low of sanitiser liquid. The Steriloc system provides economic use of sanitiser liquid and, either as standard or by optional additional reservoir, can sanitise up to 25,000 times before needing to be refilled.


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Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units

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Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units



Oliver Church – Project Manager – Steriloc

Expert in Hotel Hand Sanitiser Units

Hi, welcome to Steriloc. We are a biosecurity and sanitisation specialist and have worked with some of the biggest brands and companies to provide quality and precise hand sanitisers for their customers and staff. My background is architecture and design and I know how important it is for guests to feel safe and comfortable in a hotel. Steriloc is a unique system and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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