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Square One Interiors – Bespoke Industrial Fittings

Bespoke Industrial Fittings / Eco-Friendly furniture Designs

Square One Interiors – Bespoke Industrial Fittings

The specialists in creating Bespoke Industrial Fittings with a rustic style. All our products are made to order here in the UK offering a fully bespoke service from size, colour and style. Whether it be interior or exterior Bespoke Industrial Fittings, a single table or restaurant fitout, we can cater to your needs, whilst keeping up with Eco-Friendly furniture Designs.

Our products are made using recycled and sustainable materials that are locally sourced, helping your business with eco-friendly furniture Designs.

We are proud to be the ongoing furniture supplier for the men’s fashion brand LUKE1977 and have worked alongside some of the top retailers within the world including Nike, Mothercare and the NEC group.

We are able to cater for any size job and have the ability to upscale our operation at any time. We have a full metal fabrication and carpentry workshop allowing us to Offer fully Bespoke Industrial Fittings. All products are hand made in the UK and not imported.

The Benefits of Eco-friendly furniture Designs

Biophilic design or biophilia is the inclusion of natural materials in the working environment.

As urban spaces grow and technology becomes even more prevalent, incorporating elements of nature into individuals’ surroundings stands to provide health benefits.

Research into the benefits of biophilic design has gone a long way to explaining the various health benefits associated with bringing nature indoors. All of Our Environmental benefits fit perfectly with out Bespoke Industrial Fittings.

The World Health Organisation expects stress related illness, such as mental health and cardio-vascular disease, to be the biggest contributor to disease by 2020.

It has been shown that incorporating elements of nature, either directly or indirectly, into the workplace can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as boost productivity and creativity. In fact, biophilic design in the workplace can increase productivity by 8%, and well-being by 13%, helping to reduce absenteeism.

…. all this with a clever choice of Bespoke Industrial Hotel Furniture!!

With Bespoke Industrial Fittings, You’re The Designer

As all products are made to order, we truely offer a bespoke service. We work with you in the creation of your furniture, allowing you to choose the colour, style and size of product, whilst keeping up with Eco-Friendly furniture Designs.

Cant see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We are able to fabricate the craziest of ideas in our metal and wood workshop in the West Midlands.



Furniture & Furnishings



Bespoke Industrial Fittings / Eco-Friendly furniture Designs

Jamie Wood – Director – Square One Interiors

Expert in Bespoke Industrial Fittings And Eco-Friendly Furniture Designs

Apart form the day-to-day runnings I am heavily involved with developing the brand awareness and image Square One Interiors portrays, along with liaising with existing customers and developing relationships with new clients.

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