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Hotel Fire Pits Hotel Water Features

Hotel Fire Pits & Hotel Water Features – Solus Fire & Water

For over 20 years Solus has been designing and casting ultra-high performance hotel fire pits and hotel water features, to withstand the true northern climate of Canada. Having launched our UK/European office to service the hospitality trade in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, today our highly collaborative team of 20, designs and produces beautiful, modern, certified, high quality, commercial grade and hand finished goods that are shipped to commercial locations worldwide.

Hotel Fire Pits – Modern Concrete Gas Fire Pits for Hotels

Solus have been successfully supplying the hotel industry worldwide for over 20 years with our hotel fire pits. Clients include chains such as Four Seasons, Hyatt and Hilton in North America as well as luxury boutique brands such as the Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa in France and Le Toiny on the island of St Barthelemy.

Products available in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and fuel options.

Solus products are commercial grade and fully certified for North America and Europe (ANSI/CSA/CE). Our products are safe and built for purpose. The Solus cross-jet burner system produces a flame above the lava bed so no heat is lost into the vessel. The concrete itself never gets hot, making our hotel fire pits perfect for commercial installations. The warranties are the best in the business to ensure commercial grade appliances that are robust and low maintenance.

Hotel Water Features – Modern Concrete Water Features for Hotels

Solus hotel water features are self circulating water bowls that complement our hotel fire pits. Simple plug and play water domes can be used in interior designs such as lobby or spa areas, or as an exterior feature in gardens or terraces and add the perfect look and sound for relaxation.

Available in three sizes, ten colours and brass or stainless steel dome options.

Hotel Fire Pits – The Hemi Fire Bowl and Halo Fire Table

The Hemi round hotel fire pits adds heat, ambience and an architectural statement. Available with accessories to provide a drinks ring or table top for added beauty and functionality.
The Halo has crisp outer edges that curve smoothly into the fire opening that gives a modern sculptural feel. The elevated version rests on a square base to give table height warmth and functionality.
Available in ten colours, three sizes to suit any space and three fuel options; natural gas, liquid propane and bio ethanol.

Hotel Fire Pit – The Linear Hotel Fire pit

A dramatic divider. Designed for heat and visual impact, it’s minimal form allows for a functional product and work of art. This hotel fire pit can be used as single height or double height and can provide semi-private areas or as a divider between drinking and dining areas as well as drawing you to an entrance or walkway.
6ft in length, available in natural gas or liquid propane fuels and ten colour options.
Other hotel fire pit products are available.

Hotel Water Features – The Dome and Scupper Hotel Water Features

The dome hotel water features have polished metal domes that appear to float inside the concrete vessels. Water flows up through the centre of each dome to run over the reflective surface of the hand-spun metal and then drop off the edges into the surrounding water, creating sound.

The Scupper hotel water features combine mechanically formed metal with smooth hand cast concrete brought to life by the movement and sound of falling water. The water enters from an opening at the base of the concrete bowl, filling the vessel and creating a deep pool that spills out through the reflective channel of the scupper. These hotel water bowls can be used in a variety of situations including with in-ground basins or existing ponds.

Both hotel water features are available in ten colours and three sizes, are self-circulating and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.






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Hotel Fire Pits Hotel Water Features
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