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Smart Space Strategy Ltd – Hotel Data Analysis

Smart Space Strategy – Hotel Data Analysis

Hotel Data Analysis for Meetings and Events Strategy. ‘Smart Space’ is a dynamic strategy application providing simple yet detailed analysis of Meetings & Event business performance. Utilising data extracted from diary management systems, this visual cloud-based application provides a variety of Demand Analytics, Performance Measurement and Selling Strategy models to enhance strategic decisions and increase revenue growth.

Hotel Revenue Management for Meetings & Events

As Meetings & Events performance becomes more of a focus for many hotels, strategy, demand trends and performance measures are increasingly important but often hard to access.

‘Smart Space’ provides trend data on future and historic Demand, booking Lead-Time and comparative Pace; as well as detailed information on enquiry size and year on year trends.  It supports more accurate forecasting of future demand and provides a Pricing Matrix and Yield Planner to set and record strategy.  Performance measures include data on Room Occupancy, Attendee Density, Revenue per M2 and detailed Conversion statistics. We aim to be number 1 in Hotel Data Analysis.

With no manual data input, no hardware investment, no interface fees; Smart Space provides a simple, efficient and highly effective tool for maximising revenue from meetings & event space.

Cloud Based and Cost Effective – Hotel Data Analysis

Keep costs to a minimum with simple cloud-based technology.  No need for investment in hardware or software licenses.  ‘Smart Space’ is provided on an annual subscription basis and is affordable for even the smallest venue.  Data is extracted from the venue’s diary management system and uploaded to the application database.   This saves on expensive interface costs, and also saves so much time in manual report preparation, taking away the hours spent in transposing data from printed reports to excel spreadsheets.  Smart Space automatically presents your data in easy to read, informative formats that leave more time to analyse the information and take positive actions to drive increased revenue.

Set Strategy and Pricing to match Demand

A built in Yield Planner assists the venue in forecasting demand and is supported by an effective pricing plan to encourage dynamic pricing and increased attendee numbers when demand allows.  Improved utilization of space leads to increased revenue yield by applying the principles of revenue management to ensure ‘right business at the right price, at the right time’. We give you the best experience to become a top supplier in Hotel Data Analysis.

Training and Support

Implementation is simple and quick, and supported by a day of in-depth training that covers all aspects of the application as well as the principles of revenue management and strategy setting.  It is important that clients not only know how to use the tools, but that they know how to get the most out of the data and analysis so that they can make better, more informed decisions, and ensure improved business performance and team efficiency.  The training will support the team and the business to strengthen their knowledge and performance

Experience and Knowledge – Hotel Data Analysis

The team at Smart Space Strategy have many years of experience in Revenue Management and Meetings and Events.  All have had practical, hands on roles in the hotel industry, and provide a wealth of knowledge, understanding and support to our clients in growing their business. We provide the top knowledge to make sure you have the best experience in Hotel Data Analysis.


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