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mc3 – Smart Hotel Technology, Digital Guest Communication & Digital Hotel Signage

Smart Hotel Technology, Digital Guest Communication, Digital Hotel Signage

Smart Hotel Technology, Digital Guest Communication & Digital Hotel Signage – mc³

Smart Hotel Technology – Smart Room Control, TV, Internet, Digital Hotel Signage, Digital Guest Communication

mc³ has been developing technology products for the hospitality market for more than 20 years.
Tight product internetworking leads to modern smart hotel solutions, which are used in almost unstaffed budget hotels as well as in the upscale 5-star hotel business.

mc³ smart hotel technology solutions are scalable and executable as single modules or as a complex turnkey solution for new buildings, concentrated on a single server on-site or partially hosted.

We support hoteliers in digitally mapping their processes for products, services and communication.

Recently we have aligned our portfolio to meet the new needs for mixed-use buildings: Smart Living Technology for hotels digital guest communication, digital hotel signage, micro-apartments, boarding houses, vacation residences, senior residences and apartments.

Smart Hotel Technology – Guest Room Management – Disinfection

OPERATION – Room Control operable by any combination of:

  • Conventional Pushbuttons and Switches
  • Smart Panels
  • In-room Tablet
  • Guest Device (via QR-Code)
  • TV
  • Voice control

LIGHTING – Human Centric Lighting with Tunable White and Full-colour Moods and Scenes:
Welcome Scenes & Basic Lightning

  • Automatic and manual Light Control
  • Moods through Lighting scenes
  • Light Mirror
  • Emergency Lighting

ELECTRO BIOLOGY – Sleeping areas with lowest possible electromagnetic radiation:

  • Sleeping area without mains voltages
  • guest switchable WIFI
  • Bedside switch for mains free room
  • no DECT & ZIGBEE
  • DC low voltage radiation-free LED Lighting

DISINFECTION – electronic UV-C based room disinfection to protect guests and personnel

  • Proven smart hotel technology widely used in medicine areas
  • Failsafe and fully secure though fully automated operation
  • Disinfection status display at room entrance, in guest app or personnel app


  • Smart Panels
  • Room Management System Unit
  • Emergency Operation
  • KNX compatibility, Investment Protection
  • Door Intercom, Audio and/or Video
  • Interfaces
  • BMS Building Management System


  • Connected Room
  • Living room and bathroom Audio
  • Smart TV
  • Guest Device
  • Light mirror in the bathroom
  • LED Stripes – Downlights – Lamps – Human Centric Lighting
  • Smart Panel
  • Keyless Entry
  • Voice Control
  • Mobile App
  • In-Out Digital Guest Communication
  • Auto Control: Climate, Curtain
  • USB Power
  • CO² and temperature sensor
  • High-Speed Internet
  • LAN & WIFI Network

Smart Hotel Technology – Smart TV & TV Headend Unit


  • Complete hotel menu on the TV
  • Streaming Apps on the TV
  • Streaming from guest device to the TV
  • Instant EPG – Program Guide – Channel List
  • Personalized TV Bouquets & Country Bouquets
  • Digital Guest Communication – Service Requests, Room Service Ordering


  • Satellite, cable or internet TV reception
  • Inhouse IPTV & DVB-C distribution
  • Central Airplay and Chromecast solution

Digital Guest Communication – Guest Room Internet, Hotel Network & Telephone


  • Bring your own device
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Hotel guest Authentication, Vouchers, Automatic Billing
  • Connect Device
  • Specialized for Guest rooms, Conference and Public Areas
  • Business Center PCs
  • Bandwidth Regulation


  • Administration and/or Guest Rooms

Digital Hotel Signage & Virtual Concierge

  • Digital hotel signage screens from all major suppliers
  • Posters, Touchpoints, Media Walls
  • Digital hotel signage for conferences
  • Automatic and timely import from Social Media Sources
  • Automatic and timely Import of Transportation schedules
  • All information also available on Room TVs and Guest Devices
  • Cloud compatible content manager

Smart Hotel Technology – Guest Mobile App


  • Entirely Web-based, no installation from App Stores
  • Accessible on all devices via weblink or QR-Code
  • Guest Devices
  • In-Room Tablet
  • Concierge Screen
  • Guest Welcome
  • In-House Marketing
  • Messenger Dialog
  • Room Control
  • Remote Control
  • mc³ & Third-Party Apps

Chat channels, interactive services and smart room technology are essential components of today’s digitalization and are almost indispensable for energy and staff efficiency, and in pandemic times also a useful tool for contact minimization.

  • For guests, staff, company customers
  • Smart room technology, interactive services, marketing & information
  • Higher energy savings in guest rooms
  • Staff efficiency
  • Contact reduction
  • Import/Export interfaces and integration


Smart Hotel Technology, Digital Guest Communication, Digital Hotel Signage

Ralf Biederer – CTO – mc³

Expert in Smart Hotel Technology, Digital Guest Communication & Digital Hotel Signage

Founder, Majority Owner and System Architect

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