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Singl Coffee Ltd – Hotel Single Serve Coffee / Hotel Coffee Bags

Hotel Single Serve Coffee / Hotel Coffee Bags

Hotel Single Serve Coffee / Hotel Coffee Bags – Singl Coffee Ltd

Luxury hotel single serve coffee / Guest room coffee / conference rooms.

Singl Coffee produces a range of sustainable, eco-friendly, hotel coffee bags.

All of our hotel single serve coffee is a minimum of Fairtrade certified, 100% Arabica. We source the highest quality coffee and present it in the most accessible, convenient packaging.

Hotel coffee bags provide guests with a high-quality, easy to use alternative to instant coffee sachets. To brew, all that is required is a cup and a kettle; fitting in perfectly with your current hotel guest room set-up.

Unique Hotel Guest Room Coffee

Are you still providing the same old, tired hotel guest room coffee to your guests?

In today’s world of social media, your guests become your biggest leverage in marketing. Stand out from the crowd and provide a unique hotel room coffee experience. Singl hotel single serve coffee provide a simple and cost-effective way for your guests to make their own speciality grade filter coffee from the comfort of their room.

Hotel Guest Room Coffee

Many luxury boutique hotels and guesthouses are looking for ways to ensure their guests have a luxury experience throughout the duration of their stay. Singl coffee provides an alternative to expensive coffee pod machines – Hotel Guest Room Coffee – Packaged in sleek foils, with silver and gold design, Singl hotel guest room coffee will add to their luxury experience and provide your guests with the latest trend in coffee.

Hotel Coffee Bags

All our coffee is from 100% Arabica beans. Arabica beans are the highest quality beans available, with naturally occurring sugars, the result is a smoother tasting cup of coffee. Each of our hotel coffee bags are single origin. We do not create blends. Single origin hotel coffee bags ensures the natural flavour profiles of a particular growing region shine through in the coffee, meaning each of our hotel coffee bags origins have a unique taste.

Hotel Coffee Bags – Responsibly sourced

When sourcing coffee we ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Each of our hotel coffee bags are Fairtrade accredited as a minimum. Sourced from farming cooperatives we can ensure farmers receive a fairer price for their work.


Our coffee bags are made from a fully biodegradable biopolymer (PLA). After use, the bags fully degrade within 3 months to the EU standard EN13432.


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