SIMONE ET MARCEL – Hotel Tapestry Designers

Hotel Tapestry Designers

SIMONE ET MARCEL – Hotel Tapestry Designers

Hotel Wall Decor – Wallpaper For Childcare Area – Bedroom – Corridor – Restaurant – Bar – Office…

SIMONE ET MARCEL, it’s French and artistic company, that designs and prints stories for children and other illustrations on quality paper or velvet / wool fabric for all  wall spaces of the hotels. We aim to be a top Hotel Tapestry Designers.

A new concept of original, colorful and artistic designs that give life to the walls, and every spirit of the customers….

All the illustrations are entirely hand painted, and the final digital touch brings a realistic dimension to this high quality wall paper.

Our story papers are environment friendly products, easy to install and easy to peel off.

100% Made in France


New and original concept called: story papers….

All the children’s stories are told in books, so why not tell them on wall papers……

We provide top quality products in Hotel Tapestry Designers.

We have imagined, created and drawn 5 stories, illustrated a wall paper frieze with size: 430cm length x 48cm height.

3 possible materials for the friezes :

  • Non-woven wallpaper
  • Velvet 470g/m2
  • Wool 345g/m2

These friezes were created to be put everywhere where the children are : child friendly space, corridors, bedrooms, restaurant, bar….everywhere in the  HOTEL.

Each frieze is first entirely hand painted, and then digitized. This process gives the wallpaper aspect of a true painted décor, a high quality finish with superior texture and color. We want to give you the best experience in Hotel Tapestry Designers.

These non-woven wallpaper strips are easy to install and remove.

They are made in FRANCE and environmentally friendly, very low in emissions and volatile compounds.

5 stories and 5 different worlds:

  • The buzz in the jungle
  • Trick or truth
  • Madam Owl’s lullaby
  • Mikki the sardine’s fabulous voyage
  • Intergalactic flapjacks


Wallpapers for all HOTEL spaces and walls: home, corridors, bedrooms, bathrooms, bar, restaurant, child friendly space……

Hand painted drawings, and then digitized on velvet or wool wallpaper. So very new and original concept that having wallpaper in a tissue material, with colors and high quality. We are a quality Hotel Tapestry Designers.

Size :

  • Velvet or wool wallpaper: 140cm height x …length: what you want or need (no limit length)
  • Non-woven wallpaper : panoramic size (to define according your space)


All our drawings are created and painted by hand and then scanned for printing. Our tapestries are unique and original because of their designs, colors and materials! We provide Hotel Tapestry Designer solutions.

Velvet or wool, are soft materials and pleasant to look at the touch …..

We have selected good quality of papers or furnishing to print our illustrations, these are our values: quality and take care of the environment with product very low in emissions of volatile compounds.

TARGETS – Hotel Tapestry Designers

As you can see from in the pictures gallery, these wallpapers are designed to be used by individuals, restaurants, bars, hotels, communities (schools, kindergartens, maternities, hospitals, pediatric practices, etc.).





Hotel Tapestry Designers


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