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Hotel Architectural Signage / Hotel Signage Systems

Signbox – Hotel Architectural Signage / Hotel Signage Systems

Signbox is a leading architectural hotel signage system specialist with over 30 years’ industry experience. With intelligent design and application, the company consistently delivers award-winning visual communication strategies via traditional and pioneering hotel architectural signage / hotel signage systems methods. From concept to delivery, Signbox’s design team and installation specialists create and execute bespoke hotel architectural signage installations that will translate any message clearly and concisely. Using proven methods based on contemporary design and engineering excellence, Signbox’s holistic approach continues to put the company at the forefront of hotel architectural signage.

Bespoke hotel architectural signage that welcomes and informs

The international hospitality sector is the place where architectural hotel signage truly comes to life and we understand exactly the required approach for implementing a successful brand. A consistent, elegant signage scheme is key to making hospitality work and provides guests with a positive experience – feeling relaxed, welcomed and informed.

Signbox is the first name in luxury hotel signage and our bespoke wayfinding solutions for the hotel and leisure sector are creating exciting first impressions the world over. We provide a single-point resource that encompasses consultancy, signage strategy, design, manufacture, project management and installation.

LED illuminated hotel signage systems for energy-efficient impact

Exterior hotel signage systems are intended to create impact, from understated hotel signs within a luxury environment to striking larger scale hotel signage, they all have to function successfully.

With the advances in LED technologies, Signbox has devised a highly sustainable system of illuminating fabricated letters, monolith totems and hotel wayfinding signage, all constructed from a range of materials, sympathetic to the architectural environment.

Captivating glass hotel signage systems with intelligent lighting for an atmospheric impact

There is no architectural material that is more versatile and beautiful than glass. With a stunning range of effects, fixings and production processes, glass represents the ultimate contemporary signage medium. Its stylish clear-cut lines enhance interior and exterior spaces superbly when used in combination with our intelligent lighting systems such as LED illumination; it then creates an ambient atmosphere that captivates the attention of all.

From small, discrete pictograms to feature glass panels and architectural monoliths, Signbox interprets brand guidelines and works closely with the professional team throughout a project to create a multi-sensory experience and fantastic hotel signage systems.

Vibrant environmental graphics

Digitally printed wall coverings and glass manifestations create inspirational, cosy and relaxing environments. Our large format printers use the latest Greenguard certified inks, ensuring our commitment to the environment and sustainability of production. Images are either printed onto optically clear film for glazing manifestation or Digimura 2.1, a Class O fire rated wallpaper, available in a stunning range of fabric finishes, gold and silver.

The results are vivid and eye-catching, with high-resolution imagery that never fails to transform walls, reception areas, meeting rooms and communal spaces into scene setting showcases.

Your one-stop shop for inspirational 

The Signbox shop is where people come for statutory and hotel signage systems that catches the eye and says it all.

A single-point resource for intelligent, ready-to-buy hotel signage solutions, reasonably priced to supply to the wider market. From functional door signs, statutory fire and safety signs – all expertly crafted with a distinct twist of contemporary flavour.

Fashioned from a variety of materials such as sustainable glass, metal, woods and acrylics, even illuminated options by using LED brilliance – whatever the preferred medium, it’s all here!




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