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Unique Hospitality Products

“SWINK” is a Swedish brand owned by “Scanord Trade AB” which was established in 2018 with a focus on international trading and supplying luxurious hospitality business with exclusive products with contemporary touch to beautify its bedrooms, bathrooms and SPAs.

Our exclusive collection includes handcrafted Wooden Sinks, Bathtubs; Furniture; Premium Egyptian cotton Towels and Bed Linen.

Our key goal is to create a culture of uniqueness for your hospitality business to gain customers’ loyalty.

Wooden Sinks

Our wooden sinks offer you the luxury of fine art furniture and contemporary style with different shapes and sizes, which distinguish the place where you have it.

Our wooden sinks are finished in 4 different Matt colors (rose wood; walnut; teakwood; Pine), you also can choose to add an extra layer of Epoxy for a shiny look.

We make sure that our clients get the highest quality of products and the best service on the market.

Why do we change from traditional sinks to wooden sinks?

First of all wood is a trending material nowadays, it is an Eco-friendly option for too many people, on the other side we believe that there are too many reasons for using wood for producing our sinks rather than traditional material. Beside it has a very beautiful and natural looking and gives a warm feeling, it is a renewable material with less impact on the environment compared to other materials; it last a longer time when it is well treated; it can be recycled and reused in different purposes rather than being burned it, which eliminate environment pollution; it absorb the Carbon Dioxide; its waste is biodegradable and it also has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

Our wooden sinks are handcrafted from distinctive domestic and exotic hardwood mainly from Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) and teakwood from around the world.


Wood is a formable and versatile material that is easy to process and makes wood a martial well suited for furniture production and interior design.

We are introducing our elite wooden work to world of luxury furniture.

By carefully understanding the expectations of our customers, we curate the finest hard wood from around the world and create the best in class wooden furniture with “innovation” & “luxury”. Our exclusive furniture is not only fully utilitarian and functional, they are luxurious and space efficient.

We are focusing on creating a trustful and meaningful relation with our clients by fabricating and providing an exclusive experience.

Egyptian Cotton™ textile

What are the concepts you want to convey to your hotel guests? And, what experiences are they expecting at every night they spent at your hotel? Do you want to exceed your customers’ expectations and gain their loyalty to your hotel?

It is all about luxury, your guests usually disregard any mistakes but luxury.

“Scanord Trade” will simply supply you with the luxury you need to guarantee guests loyalty. We supply you with whatever softness, opulence and luxury which have direct impact on your guests’ experience.

At “Scanord Trade” we supply our clients with the most important items that will make your guests happy, and have a direct impact on your guests, we proudly supply our clients with the Egyptian Cotton™ textile which will beautify the main areas of your hotel Bedrooms, bathrooms, Swimming pool, fitness club, SPA.

Egyptian Cotton™ is made from a high-quality long staple fiber which means it is extremely Soft, Strong, Absorbent and Resistant to stress.

It is also naturally resistant to pilling and will soften with age, so with the right type of care, Egyptian Cotton™ can last longer.

Egyptian Cotton™ is extremely soft to touch. Egyptian Cotton™ products can typically be washed at 40°C. They can be ironed on a high heat and tumble dried on a low heat.

Our products include Terry towels of different sizes, colors and weight, and for different purposes from hand-wash towels to bath towels; bathrobe; slippers and pool towels. Bedding sheets and pillow cases.

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